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Shen Qingyu's face is not red and breathless, listening to the crowd to shape themselves into "Daji Yang Fei" general characters, and finally in all kinds of hesitation and regret to send away Zhan Shi.

Shen Qingyu's face is not red and breathless, listening to the crowd to shape themselves into "Daji Yang Fei" general characters, and finally in all kinds of hesitation and regret to send away Zhan Shi. When there were no outsiders in the room, Shen Ching-yu gave them a dish of snacks and praised them for their ingenuity in adapting to changing circumstances. Madam, there is no drama among the subordinates. It's all true. Cong Xing finished and bowed his head to eat snacks, but Shen Qingyu choked and drank a few mouthfuls of water. Looking at all the people in the room looking very much in agreement, Shen Qingyu twitched at the corners of her mouth and made a profound self-reflection. No way, natural beauty is hard to give up, too likable is also a kind of trouble. Has the story of Zhan Shi's coming to the mansion been reported? Cong Yun took out a delicate letter box from his cuff and shook his head. "It's not time yet," he said. "Another hour is the time to deliver the message." Shen Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief: "If you don't send it, let me have a look. I'll give you the color. Color. Color." Cong Yunwei said, "Madam, in order to prevent accidents, these messengers can only be opened and closed once. There is a secret mark at the seal. They are sealed and destroyed. Someone records them in detail. They cannot be replaced or lost." Shen Ching-yu thumped her legs with a look of indiscretion on her face. "Then how did you write it? Repeat it for me." Cong Yun immediately told the truth, and in the end, Shen Qingyu's face was full of guilty chagrin: "How can you be so honest? You told him so, I.." Do I have a way to live? First, knowing the danger and deliberately approaching, and then creating opportunities to bring the disaster to himself, willing to let the child go to the wolf, it is really witty and brave, but Shen Qingyu is very clear that if this "child" is replaced by himself, it is a great sin in Zheng Feng. Seeing that someone had taken the letter away, Shen Ching-yu felt as if she had not recited the book well in those days. When she was about to be discovered by her master and beaten, she was at sixes and sevens. She felt very nervous and guilty, but she still had to do it knowingly. The house is small,plastic wheelie bins, but also more quiet, full of trusted people in the house, also seems to be more than a security. It was true that the tub was not as pleasant as the bath, but these thoughts flashed through her mind, and it seemed that it was no longer important where and under what conditions she could get closer. Shen Qingyu stood behind the screen and changed her clothes. She threw the cotton handkerchief to wipe the water on the couch, then put on a willow-colored gauze dress, holding a half-read notebook, and leaned on the couch and waited quietly. Occasionally, the candle made a slight "crackling" sound, which made the room more quiet,spill plastic pallet, and it was not enough to say that the needle could be heard. The warm candlelight gathered on Shen Qingyu's body, as if he were in a painting. The beauty reclined on the couch, supporting her forehead with one hand. Occasionally, when she was tired, she rubbed her face on the pillow under her elbow, and then continued to read the book leisurely. A pair of soft, greasy and small feet are put on the deep, colored velvet cushion, and the white ones are more like snow jade carvings, which are pitiful and lovely. Zheng Feng folded his arms and leaned against the door, and when he returned home, most of his anger, which was caused by her boldness, dissipated unconsciously. With the preserved fruit in her mouth, Shen Qingyu's cheeks on one side were bulging, and with her confused and surprised eyes when she looked over, she was really a little cat of relatives, soft and greasy, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic pallet box, and no one could be cruel to her. Shen Qingyu first courteously waited on Zheng Feng to take off the silver armor outside, teach people how to fetch water and bathe, and then brought over the written book of reflection. Zheng Feng hands off the belt, eyes looking at Shen Qingyu held up the book of reflection, eyes flashed a few smiles, and was quickly covered in the past. When Zheng Feng bathed, Shen Qingyu read aloud the letter of reflection he had written, sniffling as he read it, his eyes and nose red, as if he had suffered a great grievance. Zheng Feng, however, remained silent. Usually separate, even if only a few hours, he will not have the slightest cold words to her, Shen Qingyu used to pain, used to enjoy the favor, in front of him has long been delicate and weak, where can he stand so cold. I was wrong, whoo. Shen Qingyu, with her hands behind her back, raised her arms from time to time to wipe her tears, and after a few wipes, her little porcelain white face turned red like something. Come here Zheng Feng did not hold back in the end, took a cotton handkerchief to gently wipe her tears. He was still angry, but when she made such a fuss, he could not say a harsh word. "Now you know you're afraid?" Zheng Feng stepped out of the bathtub, put on his clothes at will, stepped out of the cubicle, and when he bypassed the screen, he happened to see the little girl's shy appearance with tears in her eyes. Tell me about it. Zheng Feng leaned on the place where Shen Qingyu had just leaned, with a similar posture, but he was lazy, handsome and cold, unlike ordinary people. Shen Ching-yu thought of a mystery story she had been reading these two days, and suddenly she had an impulse to write a story about two people. But it's just an impulse, and now that I think about it, it seems to be a little meaty. More like a story than a story, more than a gifted scholar and a beautiful woman, more than gold, she stays in her heart, there is no need to put pen and paper, to show their stories to others. Shen Ching-yu began to seriously admit his mistake, and after half of it, he heard Cong Yue report outside that there had been a thief in his house, and that one of them had escaped, but none of the rest were alive. When Cong Yun came in, Shen Qingyu hid in the inner room. When she heard Cong Yun say, "According to your wife's orders, your subordinates have already laid all kinds of traps, and let one of them go back to report, so that the people behind you know that this stabbing and killing has hurt your subordinates. From then on, the guards around your wife are not as good as before." She had a cold sweat on her back. It seemed to be more serious than she had thought before. Shen Qingyu rubbed her right foot back and forth on the ground, wondering how to admit her mistake this time. There were thousands of ways to find out the inner ghost, but she chose the most deadly one. But this method is the fastest and cheapest at the moment. Zheng Feng did not take care of the night attack, he pinched his eyebrows, took the document to review, and did not take the initiative to talk to her again. In fact, there is no danger at all. There are three layers inside and three layers outside this house,plastic bulk containers, and there are so many traps. I won't get hurt, and the people in our house won't suffer. Shen Qingyu racked his brains to think of an excuse, but Zheng Feng still didn't buy it.