Legend of the ring

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Wang Tian's skill now is not that of Amon in the past. During the period from Tianlong Star to the earth, he succeeded in inputting some of the energy that could not be melted in the sea of consciousness into the inner alchemy.

Wang Tian's skill now is not that of Amon in the past. During the period from Tianlong Star to the earth, he succeeded in inputting some of the energy that could not be melted in the sea of consciousness into the inner alchemy. The sea of consciousness finally loosened a little, and with this opportunity, a strong heart core was re-forged. Once the heart core was formed, the energy in the sea of consciousness was sucked in like a tired bird returning to its nest. Heart core and inner alchemy, like two vents, wantonly swallow energy, but the energy is still too much, after all, this energy is produced after the Yin and Yang jade is broken, think of the heavenly king 2 stars, after a small piece of Yin and Yang jade is broken there, tens of thousands of years still have three or four times more energy than the outside world, how scary it is. Although Wang Tian sucks fast, he still can't let all the endless energy enter the heart core and inner alchemy in a short time. But it doesn't matter. Wang Tian, who is very familiar with Yin and Yang jade, creates the world and blends the energy scattered in the sea of consciousness together to form a big and unreasonable super Yin and Yang jade. The Yin and Yang jade congealed by Wang Tian is very different from that before it was broken. It is all scattered energy, moving according to the transformation of Taiji. Now the situation is that a small heart core is on the top, and below it is a piece of Taiji Yin and Yang Jade energy that can not see the margin. Below it, through the strengthened meridians connected to the inner alchemy,euro plastic pallet, the two places can get a lot of energy provided by the Taiji energy body all the time. Wang Tian finally reached a stable balance in the body, and never need to worry about the lack of energy one day, that is to say, now Wang Tian is simply a human energy storage, only worry about small capacity, never worry about less energy. Heavenly King's mental method, after the formation of this structure in the body,plastic pallet supplier, the realm is rising again and again, and has entered the height of 12 layers. Wang Tian estimated that now the amount of absorption is getting larger and larger, really all the energy of the sea of consciousness into the heart core and inner alchemy, at least can enter the 18th floor. Yu Boer, the person who created this skill, spent thousands of years to reach this height, and did not know whether it was true or not. After the 18th floor of the exercise, there was only a hint. Wang Tian could not help feeling complacent when he thought that it had only taken him a few decades to reach the highest level of the mental method. Mind reading, Wang Tian is now handy, a large area of mind reading, Tianyuan can not do, but it is not difficult for Wang Tian. Wang Tian can now read Tianyuan's mind, after all, Wang Tian's body energy is several times that of him. But Wang Tian reads his mind, foldable bulk container ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and Tianyuan can also perceive it, and there will be some induction between people with high skill. Wang Tian inspected the four barracks, but all of them were in decline. When he came back, he found Liu Tao and wrote down four lists of names. He first took out two: "These are the names of soldiers and junior officers. These more than 6,000 people are either weak in mind or have complaints. You can find a way to demobilize them and return home. The other one is that you are going to clean up immediately. There are 862 people in total, all of whom are spies.". I really admire you for hiding so many spies around you, but you can still live to the present?! I think this is mainly due to the poor communication here, otherwise, you would have been sold into dollar bills by these bastards! Liu Tao blushed. Although I also know that there is a mole in the Heavenly King's Army, there are more than 800 people at once, which is too much. As for how to find out the eldest brother, Liu Tao did not think much about it, from small to big brother's means emerge in endlessly, not to mention now looking at so advanced technology, it should be found out. Wang Tian put down the two copies he had just said and picked up the remaining two copies. The list on these two copies was much less, only a dozen, and there were only two on one of them. Wang Tianxian is pointing to a bit more: "This is your senior officer directly under, these 12 people, also be the person that the mind is not firm, covet life and fear death does not do less, go to persuade to quit like the soldier before.". Maybe it's nothing to see now, but one day it will be bad. It's better for both sides to let them go now. "Wang Tian gave him the list, took the last one, sighed:" You see, these two people are the most hidden! " Wang Tian put the list on the table, Liu Tao came forward to see, the body a shock: "No?!"! How could it be them? Zhu Zhengxiong is Zhu Jun. He is an old member of our King of Heaven team. Don't say you don't believe it, neither do I! When I read what he had in mind, I couldn't accept it, but a traitor is a traitor. He was captured in an encirclement and suppression campaign three years ago and was released after surrendering. Did you suffer heavy losses in that year's encirclement and suppression campaign? That's him, that's his letter! "Why, big brother, why did he do that?!" Liu Tao shouted that the news was really hard for him to accept. Who would have thought that the brothers who had always lived and died together would now become enemies. I know from his memory. "Wang Tian also had a heavy expression, but he had to say:" He is tired of this life. I don't blame him. People have the right to choose. "But," Wang Tian's face darkened. "He shouldn't have sold his old brother Luan!" What?! He sold out Luan?! Liu Tao's eyes stared at the boss. I couldn't believe it either, but his memory told me very clearly that it was true! For Luan's life, he received $1 billion, and for the more than 4,000 people who died in several encirclement and suppression campaigns in the past two years, he received $2 billion. When he gathered here this time, he took two more jobs, one of which was you. If you can't kill you, then catch Chen Feng. Chen Feng's price is not low, 3 billion. Hum,plastic pallet manufacturer, the price has gone up. Yesterday, he also asked his five subordinates to meet outside, perhaps because it was a good opportunity to see so many people gathered here. Ready to sell this news for 10 billion! Do you think I can still take him as a brother?! The list in Liu Tao's hand slipped and the whole person froze there. cnplasticpallet.com