Reborn as a sick pet with a tender heart

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Pei Yuheng stood beside her, feeling the heat suddenly ignited by her words, and the already precarious cage

Pei Yuheng stood beside her, feeling the heat suddenly ignited by her words, and the already precarious cage, as thin as paper, was instantly broken by the constant gushing of dark thoughts. Now that she has said that she will always be the little lady of the Xuan family, don't go in this life. The author has something to say: There was a power outage at home in the morning, and then my new notebook came in handy, so I don't have to be afraid of power outages anymore! Ha ha ha —————— In addition, I would like to ask the little cutie, which one do you prefer? Comments tell me that there are red envelopes to take! 1. When a Dead Enemy Becomes a Husband [Rebirth] Princess Jin'an's former aristocratic family was destroyed, and she fought to the death with her arch-rival Shen Peidou, the prime minister of the new Dynasty. In the end, she missed a move. When she opened her eyes again, five-year-old Douding cried with joy. *** you, this life will never be fooled to restore the country, live well!? Until she became Shen Pei's little aunt. Shen Pei (love face): "Auntie's sister is really cute. She wants to marry and kiss." Aah! Aah! Aah! (PS: This is a double rebirth, male protagonist Black Lotus) 2. "Husband, How Much You Should Bear [System]" Since she married the first dandy in Chang'an, Cui Xiaoniangzi was proud of her horseshoe disease until she was bound to a super scholar black technology system when she was dying. Let me take the imperial examination? I'm a woman!!! "Let me help my husband take the imperial examination and get his life?"? He's a dandy!!! In order to live, husband, you. Bear with me. Let's read a book. (PS: This is a short happy book.) —————— Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: 5 bottles of roanow; 1 bottle of pomegranate and soy sauce; Thank you very much for your support,heavy duty plastic pallet, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 57 burning with anger (first issue in Jinjiang) In the small courtyard of the Pei family, Xuan Yuening finally played with the two children in the snow. The three of them made a round snowman with three heads and six arms under the locust tree, with six branches of the locust tree on it. Everyone was covered with snow. Xuan Yuening took advantage of Mrs. Xuan, who had changed her clothes, to bathe the two children. He slipped quietly to Pei Yuheng's side. Before the snowball in his hand hit him, he found it and easily grasped his little hand, which was red with cold. He had no choice but to take the snow ball in her palm and throw it outside the door, looking at the red-faced little lady in front of him,plastic pallet supplier, quite depressed that he had not made fun of him. Had to take the initiative to soften the tone, "you a little lady, don't play more, today is your birthday, also play enough, forget it, huh?" In this life, Xuan Yuening couldn't help touching her ears, and her cool hands made the fluff on her ears explode. With a cheerful smile in his eyes, he said, "OK, I know. Brother gave me Buyao, and I'll have something for you tomorrow." On the other hand, her mouth was getting sweeter. Usually, plastic bulk containers ,plastic trash bins, it was hard to hear her call her elder brother. When she was ready to go back to the house to change her clothes, she said, "I don't want pink lipstick. It's quite good to use it now." Xuan Yuening's apricot eyes were so big that they almost opened into two small lanterns. How did he know she was going to send him lip grease? When she thought about it carefully, it seemed that she had really only sent him lip grease. Secretly chagrined back to the room, coincidentally was caught by Mrs. Xuan, pressed in the bath bucket is a consultation. She was embarrassed to hide and let Mrs. Xuan go out. She could wash herself, but she was not really a little lady. She didn't need Ah Niang to help her. Mrs. Xuan pointed at her forehead, "Ah Niang raised you from childhood to adulthood, and you are shy." Xuan Yuening was poked and dared not refute, let her gently help her wet her long hair, hold her chest, feel the slight radian of her hands, and bury it in the water. At the same time, the noisy Zheng Fu eventually quieted down, and all the students who came to attend the meeting were satisfied. Zheng Yixue saw off the young lady of the aristocratic family and sat in front of the round table, fiddling with the purses and jade pendants that the students had taken the opportunity to give her. After searching for a long time, she did not see the ruby hairpin she had chosen that day in Wenya Pavilion. He asked the maidservant beside him, "Is there a man named Pei who has sent me something today?" "No," said the maidservant. "I listened to your orders. I wrote down the names of the things they gave me and put them on the table." When she heard this, her face changed in an instant, and she was so frightened that the maid hung her head and dared not look at her. As soon as she threw the purse back on the table, she sneered, "It's just an orphan girl who lives in his house. She really takes her seriously. Do you still want to marry her?"? He turned me down and didn't even send me anything. She is a little bit of Pei Yu Heng's mind, young and famous Pei Lang, a good skin, just right for her appetite, but also know that he is the daughter of the Zheng family, the former Pei Yu Heng still can not marry her, but also the present Pei Yuheng. But she wants to watch quietly, silently love is one thing, the other side does not take her seriously, or even turn a blind eye to her, but to take care of the cousin at home, is another thing, enough to make her angry. She can't even compare with an orphan girl. Without what she was thinking about, the items on the table were an eyesore. "You go and send them back secretly. They want to make a fortune by marrying me, without looking at their own identity." The maidservant did not dare to retort, and quickly tidied up all the things on the table. At that time, Zheng Zirui came over. Zheng Yixue immediately raised a smiling face, as if she was not the one who had just lost her temper. She gave him a salute and said, "Why did you come here, brother?" Zheng Zirui took out an anthology from his sleeve and handed it to her. "I have selected all the poems and songs in this meeting again, including the poems you and other young ladies wrote, and re-screened them into it. Tomorrow I will go to find a bookshop to copy a few copies. I must let the students of the state school have a copy, and send it back to Luoyang, so that my father and mother can be happy together." Inside and outside his words, he wanted to show off her meaning. She stamped her feet shyly,drum spill containment, as if she was shy. "Brother, this is not good. The poems written by Shiyiniang are not so good, and they can't make people laugh." "How could it be? Even many students can't compare with my A-Mei's poems." 。