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"Pengpeng, it's all up to you this time." I was very angry, but I said to Pengpeng helplessly. Well, by the way, my anger is definitely not directed at Pengpeng, but at the shadowless girl who is staring at me with a kind of frightening and gloating eyes.

"Pengpeng, it's all up to you this time." I was very angry, but I said to Pengpeng helplessly. Well, by the way, my anger is definitely not directed at Pengpeng, but at the shadowless girl who is staring at me with a kind of frightening and gloating eyes. I am really angry, ah, this shadowless girl, is it clear that I want to die? Can I not be angry that she used words to provoke me to die after everyone had already made up their minds to surrender, and when someone was already preparing to get off the line to reduce casualties and losses? However, more or helpless ah, I really do not understand, I am who provoked who, why she stared at me, must I go to die. Well, I know she's a little out of her mind. If I die this time she can calm down, never come to trouble me again, I am happy to cooperate with her once, so die, always happier than those women who fall into her hands. But I know what happened to the women who fell into her hands. If this wasn't a game, she would have been arrested, well, maybe shot to death. Anyway, it's no exaggeration to say that what she did was a common indignation. So, I am really angry and helpless, thinking that death is not a big deal, but I am not reconciled to it. So, I can only discuss with Pengpeng. If not, can't we fly high and not fight? It's useless. Pengpeng still has a tone that needs to be beaten, but looking at his disdainful eyes,jujube seed powder, I have more or less settled down, of course. Because his disdainful eyes were not on me, but on the so-called dragon knights in the sky. Change, Pengpeng. There is no extra nonsense, there is no extra time, the other side will be at the gate, although they will not force the siege, but even so we can not afford to lose ah, this battle is the official live broadcast. If there is no one on our side to fight in this war, we will be so afraid and hide inside,ghana seed extract, then from now on, there will be no chance to turn over in hell. In the future, there will be fewer and fewer people entering hell, fewer people, not to mention the economy, that is, troops. There will be no chance to turn over in the future. Therefore, if this battle is to go on, even if it is lost, it will have to be fought fiercely. And can not be so shrinking to admit defeat, such a loss, we can not afford to lose. With a long roar, Pengpeng jumped high, and around his body was a black gas. From the moment he leaped. I can't see him. But. But I vaguely know that he is changing, although it is different from before. Sure enough. The black gas dissipated and Pengpeng revealed his body, a big bird. Uh, why is it so small? I asked eleven in a low voice, but I knew how big Pengpeng was. At that time, he was still a child. Now he has evolved, how can his body be smaller. Not only was I surprised, but the others, turmeric extract powder ,naringenin price, after a slight surprise, began to show different expressions, presumably, such a bird, in their view, is really useless. Because Brother Peng can change the size now! With these words, he put his arms around me, and a jump landed firmly on the back of the bird. Eleven this action surprised everyone again, although Pengpeng really did not fly very high this time, probably because of his body size, only stopped at five meters high, but, from where we are directly jump up, really no one dares to say that they can, let alone with another person. Sister Liu Lan, would you like to go to play together? As soon as I sat down, I heard eleven shouting down. I almost slipped. What does she think we're going to do? Traveling? Just want to say something to stop, but flow Lan has been happy to nod, and, in the 11 jump between the flow Lan has been picked up. Two people are sitting on either side of me, one left and one right. Brother Peng, it's too crowded. Cried Eleven Jiao. This is the truth, the three of us sitting here side by side, the ground is really crowded, I do not care, but Liu Lan is a little embarrassed. Pengpeng gave another long cry and began to change again. His wings were getting longer and longer, and his body was getting bigger and bigger. In a twinkling of an eye, it was already 100 meters, almost blocking the whole wall. Wow, that's awesome. Liu Lan looked dumbfounded and couldn't help exclaiming. I know that not only she, but everyone below must have the same amazement. Pengpeng did not fly very high this time, just a little higher than those dragon knights. At this time, they were trying to lift off, trying to rise to the same height as us, but unfortunately, they were still a little short. Standing on Pengpeng's back, I lowered my eyes and looked at the dragon knights below. I understood why I wanted to hold your hand. When I saw these air forces, I lost my fighting spirit. There are only a few dozen of them. When I look at them from above, I already feel that they are small. As long as I stand high above and scatter with arrows, they will have to wait for death. Because of the height problem, their range must not be as long as mine. As I guessed, most of these dragon knights were archers, but there were also a few mages and one or two priests. There's nothing to talk about. Let's go to war and save every time we had a pre-war chat. (Well, of course it wasn't a chat.) Also do not announce the name, it is good to really pick up the war. So, did not say, people are pulling the bow of the bow, archery of the archery, magic is also all over the sky to me, I have nothing to be polite, originally also thought about whether to have that chat process, now, nothing to say. Take a bow and shoot an arrow. Thanks to eleven, she brought Liu Lan up, thanks to Liu Lan, she is a priest, and very good at cursing. Thanks to Xie Pengpeng, he always takes us to avoid those locust-like arrows at the right time, and then at the right time, he gives us a very suitable perspective, a very suitable distance. Then, Liu Lan first came to a delay. Although I could only slow the opponent down for two or three seconds, I could always seize the two or three seconds with the plum blossom arrow following her direction and successfully insert the arrow into the dragons. Although we flew very high, although we had a certain distance from the city,lutein eye complex, but when my first arrow was successfully fired, I heard a roar through the sky, I knew that it was the player in the city of night. prius-biotech.com