Swallow the starry sky _ I eat tomatoes _ txt novel heaven

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Swallow the starry sky _ I eat tomatoes _ txt novel heavenSwallow the starry sky _ I eat tomatoes _ txt novel heavenSwallow the starry sky _ I eat tomatoes _ txt novel heaven

The huge thunder and lightning in the sky has formed a giant of thunder and lightning, which is tall and strong, and has a huge ball of thunder and lightning on its chest, which is looking down coldly. Haolei! A cold drink sounded. Out of the side door of the Star Tower came a young man with silver robes and wings. With his left hand stretched out, the Star Tower next to him quickly shrank and fell into his palm. He was looking up at the thunder and lightning giant standing still in the gale. "Haolei, now I control the life and death of the Lord of Leisuo. You ask me for help, but you dare to be so insolent." "Humph." The thunder and lightning giant in the sky looked down, snorted coldly, and then held back his anger. "Say, how can I be willing to release the Lord of the Thunder Shuttle?" "It's easy for me to hand over the Lord of Leisuo." Luo Feng said, "as long as you kneel in front of me and kowtow to me!"! I will spare the Lord of Leisuo. As soon as the words came out, the group of alien masters of the universe who had been watching the scene of bustle were all frightened. Luo Feng is crazy! "Unbridled!" The thunder and lightning giant in the sky immediately roared angrily, "insult one of the strongest people in the universe, damn it." "Insult?"? If I were strong enough, I would have killed you and tortured you a thousand times. Luo Feng looked up coldly at the thunder and lightning giant in the sky. Haolei Star Lord looks down. He suddenly understood. Humans seem to really know that the death of the giant axe is related to the three of them! It was because he had a big grudge that Luo Feng insulted him so much. It seems that you don't want to hand over the Lord of Leisuo. Lord Haolei looks down. I never wanted to hand it in! Luo Feng said coldly. Leisuo.. Lord Haolei made a sound in the sky, "I will avenge you." As soon as the words came out,artificial plant wall panels, the group of masters of the universe who had long been hiding in the treasure of the palace on the reef were all excited. They understood that the Lord of Haolei Star said this obviously because he no longer had the idea of rescuing the Lord of Leisuo. It was obvious that he was going to start a war. Human boy, I will make you understand how foolish it is to provoke the strongest! The giant of thunder and lightning in the sky suddenly roared, and his right leg of hundreds of millions of kilometers of huge thunder and lightning turned into a huge thunder and lightning, directly splitting down the reef below, with great power, where it passed,artificial coconut palm trees, the space was shattered. The second chapter is here! Keep fighting for today's five chapters! Chapter 26 Chapter 12 The Battle of the Sea Lord Haolei is crazy. m” "When we don't exist, it all attacks us." The masters of the universe, who had been hiding in the palace treasure for a long time, were so frightened that they controlled the palace treasure one by one and flew around to dodge. In fact, they are all hiding in the palace treasure. You can survive even if you are attacked from the front, let alone just B'bō and. The huge thunder and lightning, which destroyed the world, directly bombarded the position of the chalky Luofeng in the reef. Boom! Electric snakes are rolling. Roar ~ ~ "Under the thunder and lightning bombardment, a huge one-horned lizard is standing in the middle of the reef, looking up into the sky," Haolei, silk cherry blossom tree ,artificial grass panels, come on! " Four hooves and one kick. The giant one-horned lizard plunged directly into the endless swirling sea beside it. Turn into a beast God? The high-altitude thunder and lightning giant looked down and sneered, "Just the means of the Lord of the universe, showing off in front of me." The thunder and lightning giant rushed directly from the high altitude to the endless spinning sea below, and with the cold water splashing up, the thunder and lightning giant had already gone in. Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! The masters of the alien universe, who had been far away from watching the battle, flew back to the reef in their respective palace treasures. The Lord of the Milky Way took the form of the Golden Beast God and fled into the Xuanze Sea. Lord Haolei followed him in. "It's extremely dangerous to spin in the sea. The Galactic Lord is too crazy." The 15 masters of the alien universe tried their best to watch the battle, but they could not see it clearly. They could only judge the battle situation by the induction of energy. Xuan Ze Hai, the bottom of the sea. "Ha ha.." Haolei Star Lord in the endless sea, high-speed forward, full of confidence, "human boy, do you think in this spin sea, you can fight with me?"? Then you're wrong! As the strongest man in the universe, Haolei Xingzhu is certainly not stupid. He is very clear. Luofeng's only threat to him is that Luofeng's ability to survive is very strong, because there is a "tomb boat" even if the dangerous environment hiding in the tomb boat can carry the past, so if the space boat "core place" of some extremely dangerous environment, he will not entangle with Luofeng. m But, Xuan Zehai? Xuanze Sea is a dangerous place in the inner region of the space boat, but compared with the core area, I don't know how much the difference is! "I have the most powerful and precious God armor in my body, and the God body is the strongest God body in the universe." Haolei Star Lord secretly said, "With this alone, all the other whirlpools in the whole Xuanze Sea can't help me. The only threat to me is the core of Xuanze Sea, which is also the core whirlpool that is often born to be the strongest and most precious." How vast is the Xuanze Sea? It is only the core whirlpool that can kill the Lord of Haolei Star. As long as I avoid it, there is no danger. Lord Haolei is very confident. Whoosh! Thunder giant speed is very fast, far more than a hundred times the speed of light limit, and soon catch up with the front of the Naluo Peak into the'Golden Beast God '. The Golden Beast God is trying to fly in the direction of the core whirlpool. Obviously, yyù wants to get the battlefield to the core whirlpool. Human boy, are you going to set the battlefield in the core vortex? Want me to be killed by the Core Vortex? Haolei Star Lord thundered to the front of the Golden Beast God, kicked directly in the past, a huge lightning boom directly hit the Golden Beast God, so that the Golden BeastGod was shocked back. It's stupid. I'm a hundred times faster than the speed of light. I can fight if I want to, and I can go if I want to. How could you be foolish enough to enter the core whirlpool? Haolei Xingzhu laughed and was very insolent. The surface is insolent, but the heart of Haolei Star Lord is very vigilant. What threatens him in the whole Xuanze Sea is the core whirlpool not far away! This is the only place! But Lord Haolei understands. Most of the time, falling is not the danger of falling on the surface, but falling on some black hands inadvertently. This Luofeng,large palm trees for sale, after all, is the inheritance of the East River, who knows what special means? "Be vigilant." Lord Haolei reminded himself in his heart. hacartificialtree.com