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Childe QQChilde QQChilde QQChilde QQChilde QQChilde QQChilde QQChilde QQChilde QQChilde QQ

Jinse's heart was not crisp, but she became more and more interested. She reached around her hair and said coldly, "I don't like to wait for someone. Let him come out to see me." Pixian couldn't help admiring his own son in his heart. He even guessed what the demon would say. Hearing this, he immediately replied, "The son said that things come first. If the girl can't wait, she can go back first. But I'm afraid there's no way to answer what you want to know." This sentence can hold Jinse's mind, she was too curious about what Shen Futing actually intended to do, so to refuse to meet really made her hooked heart, she used to want what can not get, if not Shen Futing strength can not be underestimated, she got it early, which is so hard. PiXian looked at brocade harp, in the heart also gave birth to doubts, their own childe these days is something wrong, before it seems to be waiting for someone, to the back also seems not to care about the back of heaven, but the most wrong is their own childe back to the nine days, unexpectedly down again? Ten generations of good people have left, the exquisite heart has disappeared, the childe does not have to come down to earth, it is hard to figure out. Is this demon the one the childe is waiting for? Pixian thought about it, but felt that it was not, if she was really the person the childe wanted to wait for, how could she be shut out now, presumably someone else. Pixian thought more and more curious about who this person was. The first girl, Ji Shu, was almost the same. She was sophisticated and considerate. She was decent and generous. I don't know how hard it is to find her in the chaos of heaven. But their own childe this temperament very little can let him see into the eyes, there is no immortal involved in the innocent jade still can not, let alone the witch,Faux cherry blossom tree, immortal demon irreconcilable, childe obviously can not ask for trouble. Jinse waited quietly. She wanted to see what medicine Shen Futing was selling in the gourd, but she didn't want to wait for more than half an hour. She lost her patience for a while and went to look for Shen Futing with a sullen face. Pixian got Shen Futing's order and didn't stop him. Jinse kicked open Shen Futing's door all the way unimpeded. As soon as she stepped in, she saw him sitting in front of the bookcase. She interrupted him with a rude kick. Her eyebrows were slightly restrained. "Girls should be reserved." Jinse walked slowly to his place and retorted slowly, "I'm already very reserved. I've been waiting for you for more than half an hour. I wonder if Mr. Shen can tell me what you want to do now?" Taking an umbrella to shelter from the rain is an excuse, his intention to seduce is too obvious, so that Jinse heart itching, but have to be suspicious. When Shen Fu-ting heard this, he raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled at the corners of his lips. He put down the fold and got up and walked over. "You come with me." Jinse saw him so easily explained to her, the heart was very surprised, immediately turned to keep up with him, these days he has been hooked more and more impatient, eager to find out his mind. She followed Shen Fu-ting out of the house. There were no other guests in the inn, and the whole thing was packed down by him. It seemed that she only planned to stay for a period of time and then leave, in order to save trouble. After all, silk ficus tree ,silk ficus tree, if you are really interested in staying longer, you will certainly settle in a courtyard like Jinse. Brocade thought, followed him to the backyard, through the drooping flower door, stopped in front of the stable, inside stood a horse, a depressed face, saw brocade, hooves slightly backward, seems to be afraid. Jinse stopped and looked at Shen Futing. "What does Mr. Shen mean?" Shen Futing went to Xuanji's side and reached out to touch his neck to appease him. "Does Miss Jinse still know Xuanji?" Jinse looked at the horse, naturally do not remember, for her, the horse in addition to the color is different, the other are the same, no difference. Shen Futing didn't expect her to remember. Looking up, it was all business. "Miss Jinse has pulled out its hair, and now this piece can't grow out. I think you should be responsible." Jinse stepped forward and saw the position he pointed to at a glance. Sure enough, he was bald. When Xuanji saw her approaching, the whole horse froze, not daring to look or move, as if it were a wooden horse, as if it had been pulled bald at the beginning. Only then did Jinse vaguely remember that it seemed that he had pulled out the horse's hair in order to provoke Shen Futing's mood, but he did not want the horse to be like a piece of wood, neither barking nor shouting. How long ago was it? Isn't it too late for him to mention it at this time? Jinse looked at Shen Futing with an inquisitive expression. "You mean you came to me these days because I made your horse bald?" "Or what?" Shen Futing approached slowly and looked down at her. "Do you want to go somewhere else?" Jinse was a point in the middle, he did so that any woman would misunderstand, do not want to be crooked is strange. He now takes the horse to say the matter, this is the same as that takes shelter from the rain to take the umbrella, clearly is an excuse, there is too much intention, he does not explain, Jinse also can not confirm. Jinse glanced at the horse and said lightly, "Don't you have a way to cure a horse's hair?" "I have to ask you, what method did you use to make me helpless and can only come back to find you?" His words wound slightly between his lips and teeth, and when he spat them out again, they were gentle and ambiguous. It seems that all this is a deliberate trick for her to let him come to find her. Jinse eyes slightly turn, can not continue, "I also pulled out the hair, the horse is bald, I do not know how I am responsible for Mr. Shen?" Shen Futing reached out his hand and touched Xuanji's neck. "I hope Miss Jinse can recover it. Because Xuanji is bald, he is depressed these days and does nothing. He has delayed a lot of things. I hope Miss Jinse can compensate for this loss." Xuanji big eyes can not help but look at their own master, this is obviously wrong Xianma, it is really in a bad mood, but still work diligently, every time there is no lack of attendance! What's more, it also dare not, if really have such affectation courage, Shen Futing already changed it,fake blossom tree, how can keep it? Jinse will not agree, she is used to being served, how can there be a reason to serve the horse in turn? "I'm afraid it's impossible to recover. Just say what you want. I never owe anyone. I can pay you whatever you want." Jinse said it doesn't matter.