Blasphemy _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

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Blasphemy _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel ParadiseBlasphemy _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

The Forbidden Realm is a seventh-order magic that is not included in the formal magic system. The way it prohibits magic is to drain all the magic energy in the area of action, so that naturally no magic will be cast, even in the middle of the magic will be interrupted. However, the Forbidden Realm is a very imperfect magic, which does not solve the problem of where the extracted magic goes, but only stores it in the body of the caster. Therefore, any spellcaster, even a great magician, who continues to cast the forbidden realm for too long, will be burned to death by the excessive magic in his body. But if you want to stop the forbidden magic realm that has been cast, you need a very high degree of magic control, which is not what an ordinary magician can do. Even a great magician is only half and half sure. Therefore, the magic of the forbidden realm has always been synonymous with death. The Holy Church of Silver has always been famous for its ice and snow mages. Their Snow Palace guards are not much better than the warriors of the Eye of Wisdom. Interrupt the magic of the Ice Mages, and the rest of the Eye of Wisdom will have a chance to rush out. The wind and snow are getting heavier and heavier. In the gale, the snowflakes are rushing crazily towards the motorcade of the eye of wisdom. The knights dismounted one after another, braving the strong wind and moving forward step by step with difficulty. A young knight walking in the front suddenly let out a long scream! He had just felt a chill in his heart when a large mass of snowflakes hit his breastplate hard. When he looked down in astonishment,smart board for conference room, he found that there was a thin and long ice pick in the snow. The ice pick was almost completely embedded in his chest. Leave only a short section outside the breastplate. The knight leader pulled him to the back of the team, looked at his injuries, and his face darkened. He laid the young soldier flat on the ground and shouted, "All of you, raise your shields!" All the knights raised their steel shields to their heads and chests and roared on. The sky was more overcast, and the ice picks in the wind and snow were more and more and bigger. The strength is getting stronger and stronger. Ice picks beat on the knights' shields amid loud bangs, and from time to time one of the knights was shot by an ice pick in an unprotected area and slowly fell to the ground. The flying ice pick has begun to be attached to the ice magic,75 inch smart board, so once it enters the body, the blood of the wounded knights will congeal in a very short time. Even if the skin is punctured by an ice pick, a large piece of flesh around the wound will die in a short time. The three wagons were still advancing, though the knights who guarded them were falling one by one. On the road ahead. You can already see rows of snow palace guards armed with giant axes, wearing heavy armor and covered with white cloaks. Keep moving! Spend as much of Rockefeller's magic as you can. Mora in the carriage ordered. Her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and her eyes seemed to look through the carriage and the snowstorm to the end indicated by the goddess. On the other side of the road, the leader of the Snow Palace Guard, who was unusually tall, said in awe to Rockefeller beside him, "With you in charge in person, this time the cunning witch will not be able to escape.". It's a great honor to see you perform your snowstorm magic. Rockefeller was wrapped in a white robe. Hearing the guard leader's words, interactive flat panel display ,interactive whiteboard for schools, his face changed and he snapped, "Never be careless in the face of a sorcerer at any time!"! Get all your cavalry ready to mount and charge as soon as you hear my orders, and never leave them a chance! Whether this holy war will be won or lost depends on it. If you dare to have the slightest neglect, then I will immediately change a person to command the Snow Palace Guard! Guard leader a surprised, immediately ordered one after another, after a clang of armor, horse neigh. A hundred horsemen have lined up for battle. Ready to go. See the men so strive for success, guard the leader of a lot of confidence. Then he asked cautiously, "Master Rockefeller.". Their behavior is really strange! We have mobilized so many troops to block and intercept, why do they not retreat, but insist on dying? And you seem to know this already, so you won't let me send troops to outflank them. Ah, I am not questioning your judgment, but with my shallow wisdom, it is really difficult to understand this. ” "It's not surprising that you can't understand my decision," Rockefeller said slowly, gazing into the distance at the motorcade that was struggling in front of the snowstorm. Because the goddess of ice and snow has shown the oracle, let me try my best to intercept the convoy that the eye of wisdom is trying to pass through. The Oracle of the Goddess has made it clear that, whatever the cost, these people of the Eye of Wisdom will never retreat or detour from reading. "What did you say?" The guard leader said in a trembling voice? Has the goddess of ice finally sent down the oracle? This Is this true? He could not suppress the excitement in his heart, and did not notice that his words had seriously offended Rockefeller, the great wizard of ice and snow. But Rockefeller now had no problem with this. He looked at the motorcade in the distance, and his face became more and more serious. The roof of a carriage in the front suddenly exploded, and a cloud of dark fog drifted out of the carriage and rose slowly. Under the black fog, a jade hand that could not describe its beauty appeared. The slender hand, holding the black mist, also went up slowly. Gradually, the white forearms and upper arms were revealed, and then Morana's holy face was shrouded in a dense halo. Her golden hair, like the first rays of dawn, lit up the gloomy sky and the dark and bloody battlefield. At this moment, the wind and snow disappeared, the sound disappeared, even the distant mountains, forests and snow-covered roads disappeared! In the eyes of the Snow Palace Guard and the Ice Mage. There is only Mora like a goddess at the moment! Standing in the sky, Mora's clothes were flying like a fairy, and her long and strong legs were hidden under the separation and closure of her skirt. The scenery is wonderful. This is the temptation of naked Luo, directed at the most primitive instinct of the human heart,digital touch screen board, even the strong-willed wind and snow masters can not help but blood flow, heart beating, those who are slightly weak-willed and even physically have changed.