Reverse the routine and wear it quickly

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Reverse the routine and wear it quicklyReverse the routine and wear it quicklyReverse the routine and wear it quickly

Mixed black is his own will, he also soon mixed out a day in the underworld, but the above warned the Fangjia, Fangjia warned Fangluo, Fangluo decisively gave up his career in the underworld, turned to join the education system. This change is big enough. But in the underworld of China, it's really stupid. What's the use of mixing into Qiao Si? Fortunately, he returned to the wrong path. Under normal circumstances, he may even become a super teacher, bubble a few beautiful women at the level of school beauty, and spend a lifetime in a natural and unrestrained way. Unfortunately, I met Meng Fan. The campus beauty of Kate Snow Royal Noble College is destined to be Meng Fan. Who let him be the real protagonist. Qi Lin did not think much, just shook his head, and simply chatted a few words, and then ended the chat, ready to go home, each looking for their mother. When I paid the bill, there was an accident. Qi Lin has no money. All his pocket money was used to pay for Bai Jie's room. Qi Lin called it an embarrassment. When going out with a girl,smart board interactive whiteboard, Qi Lin really asked a girl to pay for it for the first time. Simply think that Qi Lin is really no money, after all, she knows that Zhang Qiang's family is really ordinary, but she does not care. If you live again, you will certainly not worry about money. So she just smiled at Zirin. It doesn't matter. I'll pay the bill. Please come back next time. Qi Lin nodded repeatedly. At this time he felt that the landlady looked at his eyes has been very strange, although Qi Lin is very thick-skinned, but still some embarrassment. He wants to disappear immediately. By this time,75 smart board, he had simply taken out his wallet and pulled out two pieces of hair from it and handed them to the landlady. She is waiting for the change from the landlady. But after the landlady took the money, she sat there as if nothing had happened. Qi Lin turned around at this time and did not see this scene. He was ready to leave when he heard a simple voice: "Landlady, you should give me twenty yuan." "Little girl, do you remember wrong? This little brother ordered two hundred things." The landlady pouted at Qi Linnu. Qi Lin turned around, frowned, and immediately went through the memory just now. It is indeed one hundred and eighty, and it should be twenty for us. Mistress, you're wrong. What's the matter with you? Do you want to take advantage of twenty yuan? Did you just sneak in and order two more drinks? What's the matter? Want to be a rich man in front of a little girl, but don't pretend to be half of it? Simply looking at Qi Lin, Qi Lin was angry and laughed. This coffee shop is not big, and there are not many people. The landlady made it clear that she was going to kill him. If it were another young man, he might have swallowed it. But Qi Lin really doesn't want to spoil her. Especially simple and looking at yourself. You can't leave a beautiful woman the impression of pretending to be a fool, touch screen board classroom ,interactive boards for classrooms, can you? So Qi Lin can only argue with the landlady. At this time, the chubby boss came over. The boss is very easy to talk to. After finding out the whole story, he said directly, "Just look at the monitoring. Our shop has monitoring.". This classmate, I can say ugly words in the front, if you really want to escape the single, the face can not look good. Things that have not been done, Qi Lin is naturally true. But at this time, the landlady's face was somewhat wrong. A few minutes later, something embarrassing happened. A picture of a young man making out with the landlady appeared in the surveillance footage. Twenty minutes later, 110 and 120 came. Qi Lin and simply stood by and looked at each other. They just want twenty yuan. Who knows that a family ethics drama has been put on directly. And read pirated book friends say, in fact, to see the original, this chapter said more interesting than the text. I have a lot of inspiration in the last chapter to see this chapter said directly after the next chapter to write out, so more to subscribe to send this chapter said or very useful (). Please remember the first domain name of this book:. Mobile version reading website: Chapter 191 GPA L-Popular Science Time In the end, he simply did not ask for the twenty yuan back. Because the landlady went to the hospital, the boss went to the police station because of beating people. But because of this, the relationship between Qi Lin and simple has gone a step further. After experiencing some embarrassing things together, it is good for the relationship between two people. So, I'll see you tomorrow? Asked simply and tentatively. Well, I'll see you tomorrow. Don't worry. I'll help you solve the problem as soon as possible. ” Qi Lin thought carefully, Meng Fan's golden finger seems to be a mysterious jade pendant, there is storage space in the jade pendant, there is a set of real skills. It's not easy to deal with. But fortunately, although he has been used to violent repression, he is not without the ability to use his brain. This time, just play him to death in other ways. Qi Lin has enough confidence, after all, there are so many good things in his ring. As a result, before he could decide how to deal with Meng Fan, he suddenly found that Meng Fan had been KO. The man who did this miracle was called Fang Luo. The next day, when Qi Lin came to the classroom and saw Meng Fan lying at the foot of Fang Luo, the whole person was confused. He looked at the simple, and the simple was also very surprised. Qi Lin waved to the simple, simple came over, a few words to Qi Lin to explain what happened: "The two seemed to have a conflict because of Sun Die's sister, and then they fought, and finally Meng Fan was no match for Fang Luo." "Meng Fan is not Fang Luo's opponent?" How is that possible? Although Fang Luo's strength is really good, but Meng Fan is the protagonist. But the simple look was obviously strange. No, I was shocked. Qi Lin's eyes narrowed and he looked at Fang Luo. I don't know if it's a psychological hint, but he always feels a faint threat coming from Fangluo,smart boards for conference rooms, which is not as direct as Meng Fan, but more like the ability of the man himself. Something's not right. Dad, this Fang Luo may be an accident. The daughter jumped out in time. What do you mean [Meng Fan's passage through time and space breaks the time line and makes the time and space of the world somewhat disordered. There is a good chance that there is more than one creature like the'protagonist '.] 。