Forced to become a legitimate bond with the monster -- Pudding Liuli

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Not long after, two men in black wearing sungl****es appeared at the end of the hospital corridor, and Qi Liuyun

Not long after, two men in black wearing sunglasses appeared at the end of the hospital corridor, and Qi Liuyun was walking at the forefront. Xia Lu was a little surprised. She looked at Qi Liuyun, who was walking straight towards her, and asked, "Why did he come here?" He leaned against the wall with folded arms and said coldly, "He is a member of the Yin Administration Bureau. He is in charge of the life and death cycle of local human beings." Xia Lu suddenly laughed and said, "Yes.". I almost forgot that I had borrowed Yangshou from him this year. "Oh, are you here too?"? The first day of work is really lively. Qi Liuyun took off his sunglasses and hung them on the pocket of his suit, and said to the coffin-faced man behind him, "Xiao Liu, go and bring out the soul of He Jinhua.". Remember, He Jinhua has accumulated countless merits and virtues before her death. I want to give her a sign and strive for reincarnation to a good family. The coffin-faced man took the order and went straight through the wall into the ward. Stunned, Xia Lu asked, "Won't he frighten others by walking through the wall like this?" "No, no one can see him except you." Qi Liuyun turned around and sat lazily on the hospital bench, knocking his legs to look at him. "Tut, didn't you find you so sticky?"? He never left Xia Lu. "An eyesore." He snorted, really did not want to look at him, quietly moved to the side of Xia Lu, trying to absorb the nutrients of love. Qi Liuyun has been used to the days of being rejected and suppressed by him. He shrugged his shoulders carelessly and complained: "The thousand-year-old demon is in love. It's as disgusting as it is." Just then, the cold-faced man came out with a small luminous bottle and handed Qi Liuyun the lottery program on his mobile phone,collapsible bulk container, saying, "Mr. Qi, please have a look." Qi Liuyun took a look at the cell phone, immediately happy: "Ho, reincarnation time and place is here tonight, parents are highly educated, but save the process of the soul.". Xiao Liu, send her to reincarnation directly,spill plastic pallet, don't let the people in the obstetrics and gynecology department next door wait for a long time. As a result, the four children followed Xiao Liu's buttocks, until the soul in the bottle flew into the delivery room, with a loud cry, the children reluctantly said goodbye to the hospital. The task of Xia Lu and Li Jianguo is also completed. After leaving the hospital and saying goodbye to Huang Tianci, Li Jianguo took the initiative to pick up the two sleepy puppies and said to Xia Lu, "The street is very busy today. It's still early. Teacher Xia and Mr. He will go shopping again. I will send sesame and soy milk back to the garden." Hearing this, he gave Li Jianguo a look of approval. No Xia Lu refused very simply, stretching her waist and saying, "I'm tired, I want to go back to sleep, and I'll go shopping next time." Seeing that Xia Lu refused to date, He was a little unhappy at first, but then he heard the word'sleep ', and he looked forward to it, mobile garbage bin ,wholesale plastic pallet, so he nodded: "OK, sleep together." How could Xia Lu not know what was going on in his mind? Most of them change back to the original shape of the monster, and then take advantage of her, trying to save the nation and break through Xia Lu's psychological defense line. She gave him a white look and said coldly, "Remove the word'together '." Say that finish, she stepped forward a few steps to the side of the road, and then turned around and asked: "Take a taxi back or use demon power or something to send..." Before the words had fallen, she saw that He's face suddenly changed, as if she had seen something terrible. She rushed at her and said, "Xia Lu, get out of the way!" "What.." Xia Lu had no time to react, only to see a blood-red demon gas like a meteorite falling from the sky, across the blood moon, with lightning speed to wrap Xia Lu in it! Then, as if the space was folded, the scene in front of Xia Lu was distorted, and her body suddenly disappeared into the red mist and fell into endless darkness. She stared, and the last thing she saw was He Chao's outstretched arm. The black rope on his wrist trembled, and his fingertips only had time to touch the corner of Xia Lu's clothes. The next second, the red mist disappeared, the place where Xia Lu stood became a blank, only the rest of the car roared past, as if nothing had happened. Chapter 57 "Are you awake?" A hoarse and sinister voice came, like a poisonous snake hissing a letter, which was creepy. Xia Lu opened her eyes, but before her vision was clear, she felt the biting cold wind blowing on her face. This should be a new construction site in the east of the city, built a river view house, cement and steel bars in disorder under the night sky, like a jagged bone in the city, and Xia Lu is sitting on a 100-meter-high crane railing at this time, under which is the cold river water and high altitude, just a glance is enough to make her dizzy and almost unable to breathe! She moved and was about to get up when she found that her hands and feet were bound by ropes and could not move at all. I don't know what kind of material the rope on her body is made of, unlike ordinary rubber, one end is tied to her hand, the other end is fixed on the iron frame of the crane, thin and tough, so that people can't break free. Don't waste your efforts. The rope made of dragon and snake tendons and veins can't be broken by knife or burned by fire. How can human beings like you break free? The cold, hoarse voice behind him came again. Xia Lu breathed a sigh of relief, and her hands felt cold and numb because they were tied up and the blood was not circulating. She looked back and saw her old enemy, Qiongqi, who was blind in one eye. Qiongqi is no longer as non-mainstream as the last time we met, but dressed like a human, hedgehog-like hair shaved very short, the face is more gloomy, the fundus is inhuman indifference. Because it was during the New Year, the construction site had not yet started, and it was particularly dark and gloomy. The poor and strange reflected the waning moon and sat at the highest part of the crane, overlooking the whole city of debauchery. The one-eyed man reflected the cold light of some kind of bloodthirsty animal in the moonlight. At his side floated a lifeless girl in red. She looked at Xia Lu with dim and unfocused eyes and giggled,plastic pallet bin, "I advise you not to move. No one will catch you if you fall down." "What the hell do you want?" Xia Lu twisted her eyebrows and asked, "You won't tie me up here at night just to enjoy the moon together, will you?" 。