The Legend of Sword and Fairy through Time and Space III

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Chang Qing, I'm sorry, it's all me. Useless Zixuan murmured with self-reproach. Sister Zixuan, don't say that.

Chang Qing, I'm sorry, it's all me. Useless Zixuan murmured with self-reproach. Sister Zixuan, don't say that. The Evil Sword Immortal is so powerful. How can you destroy him with your own strength? It doesn't matter. We still have a chance!! Jingtian comforted him. No, "Zixuan covered her mouth and coughed, coughing up a mouthful of blood." It's all my fault. It's all my fault that I have no patience. I want to go out quickly in my heart. He has evil thoughts. So. So Zixuan shed tears of sadness, and it seemed that the end she was trying to prevent would still be met. Is it because you have evil thoughts in your heart that singing the Divine Comedy doesn't work? If this is the case, then as long as there is a trace of evil in the hearts of all of us present at that time, then you. No, it will. Chang Yin cried in shock, looking at the woman who was leaning weakly in the arms of the elder brother, he could not help but respect her, she actually put her life as a bet on each of them!!! "What will happen to Sister Zixuan if we have evil thoughts in our hearts?" Everyone asked in unison, and Changqing's face was full of heartache and touching. As far as I know, chanting the Divine Comedy can indeed eliminate all evils. Those who perform the Divine Comedy, including those who are on the spot, must get rid of all distractions. Any external factors force the interruption of the Divine Comedy. Those who perform the Divine Comedy will be eaten back by magic. The light ones will be injured and the heavy ones will be hurt. Chang Yin looked at the crowd and sighed, "the worst was killed on the spot." What!!! Jing Tian exclaimed. Sister Zixuan! Snow saw the tears in her eyes began to flood again,cosmetic tube, why every time Zixuan sister for them in the desperate, in the pay, in the suffering, but they can only watch, nothing can be done! Chang Qing hugged Zixuan's weak body and whispered to Chang Yin, "Chang Yin, you and I cast a spell to find out how Zixuan was hurt!" Yes,plastic laminated tube, Big Brother. Jingtian, you take Shushan disciples to protect the Dharma for us. "Good, you can give Zixuan sister healing, I have Jingtian, even if a fight to death will never let you be disturbed." Jingtian nodded vigorously, and the crowd formed a circle around Zixuan, Changqing and Changyin, looking around warily, in case the evil sword fairy suddenly killed a horse gun. No, don't! Cried Zixuan struggling. Zixuan, you're badly hurt. Let me see! Changqing pressed Zixuan Road. No, Chang Qing, you. Listen to me, plastic laminted tube ,eye cream packaging tube, "Zixuan gasped," though I. Failed to destroy. Evil. Evil Sword Fairy, but he also. Seriously injured, if. Now, while he. When the wound is not healed. "Ah!"! I see. Miss Zixuan means that we should take the opportunity to destroy him! Chang Yin nodded and said, "It is said that the wounds hurt by the Divine Comedy will not heal so quickly, so the Evil Sword Fairy can't come out to do evil for the time being. When he recuperates, it's the best time for us to destroy him!" "Then what are we waiting for? We're going to find that smelly thing now!" Jingtian picked up the magic sword and shouted, and the other Shushan disciples were ready to move. Don't look down upon the evil sword fairy! Changqing shook his head and said, "Although he was seriously injured, his strength is still not to be underestimated." Changqing looked down at Zixuan, "Zixuan, let me see your wound first, and then I will go to find the Evil Sword Fairy with Shushan disciples." No, you. Now that you know. Evil Sword Immortal. If you are afraid, you should be more. Save strength, "Zixuan desperately shook his head," I. I'm fine. I. Hang in there. I can. Wait until you. Come back "But your wound is also hurt by the Divine Comedy. If it takes a long time, I'm afraid." For the first time, Chang Yin wanted to let go of business and save the woman he had to admire. I'm really all right! Zixuan tried to sit up straight from Changqing's arms, "I can.". Hang in there! You don't. Again. Any more delay! "Big Brother!" Chang Yin looked up at Chang Qing and couldn't make up his mind for the first time. Zixuan, you. Chang Qing could not rest assured. Daxia Changqing, I will stay with Solanum nigrum and Maoshan to take care of my sister. You can rest assured to find the Evil Sword Fairy. We will wait for you to come back safely. Snow sees promise!! Snow saw a solemn assurance. But. "Chang Qing is still not at ease, Zixuan body injury, but refused to let him see, he did not know how much she hurt in the end, according to Zixuan's temperament, must not want to let him worry about not let him see, then.". It must be a serious injury! No, he couldn't leave. How could he leave? She said she would follow him all the time, but now she took the initiative to drive him away. Changqing's face was covered with a frightened expression. Zixuan couldn't stand it any longer. A mouthful of blood spurted out again. Changqing roared and hugged Zixuan tightly. "Zixuan!!" Such a pale face, such a weak look, Changqing's heart began to ache, he seemed to feel that her life was losing! What should he do? What should he do?! "Hey, how come I've only been away for a few days and you've hurt Zixuan like this!!!" A deep and familiar voice sounded helplessly behind the crowd, which made the faces of the crowd smile with relief. Red hair, you're here! Great!!! Jing Tian shouted happily. Yes Red Hair. Well, Chonglou Daxia, you are our savior. Snow saw also laughed, originally also wanted to follow the Jingtian call, because the husband sings with the wife,cosmetic plastic tube, but later thought, but also rely on him to save Zixuan sister, so it is better to be polite.