Acura Female Doctor: Abandoned Women with Babies Are Arrogant

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Acura Female Doctor: Abandoned Women with Babies Are ArrogantAcura Female Doctor: Abandoned Women with Babies Are Arrogant

"Jianghu people don't stick to trifles. What if they change Geng Tie? Even if they get married, it's not uncommon for them to move their hearts to someone else.." Yue Jianjia looked at the direction of the martial arts field and muttered absently. When Gu Changsheng heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched. To tell the truth, the moon Jianjia has been a guest in her house for some time, Gu Changsheng to this beautiful old beauty, can not say good, also can not say disgust, has been maintained to treat each other with courtesy! Now, from the bottom of her eyes, she saw a flash of cold light. This One side of Bo Er only Jin Nian is also frowning, neatly pulled up Gu Changsheng's arm, glanced at the moon, to the direction of the martial arts field to chase, "go, Gu Changsheng, let's go to see the moon West Tower fight with the elder brother!" Leaving the sight of Yuejianjia, Boer only breathed a sigh of relief. Gu Changsheng, I tell you that Yuexilou doesn't like me, nor does Yuejianjia. No one likes Yuejianjia. This may be acceptable. But now Yuexilou and Elder Martial Brother rob you. Didn't you see her face changed just now? "I tell you, this old woman is not a fuel-efficient lamp, you'd better send her away quickly!" She whispered to Gu Changsheng. Chapter 486 is willing to be a son-in-law rather than a grandfather. When Gu Changsheng heard this, he immediately rolled his eyes and said, "Do you think I don't want to?"? But her family is very kind to the peacock. The peacock and I have been friends for a long time, and we are related to evil spirits. How can I open my mouth and leave the guests? I have no reason at all, okay? At this point,Small Geared Motors, Gu Changsheng couldn't help but look at Bo'er and continue, "Nian, you have to believe me, I and the peacock, that is the real shallot mixed with tofu, clean and white, nothing!"! The reason why he is so concerned about letting go is probably because he is unwilling to do so. Borjinian Wen Yan, delicate little face wrinkled into a ball, and stared angrily at Gu Changsheng,gear reduction motor, "You don't say I can't remember, Yuexilou likes you, you are also my rival in love!"! Gu Changsheng, let's have a fight, too! "Cut!" When Gu Changsheng heard this, he rolled his eyes again and looked at her with disdain. "You can't beat me again. Do you want to hit a stone with an egg?" Seeing this, Bo lowered his head and thought about it. Finally, he made a decision. "Forget it. We must settle down outside first. Let's settle down outside first." "Ha ha!"! Read, it's rare for you to be smart! When Gu Changsheng heard this, he was so happy that he put his hand on the shoulder of Bo. The two brothers went to the martial arts field. "Don't worry, I won't rob the peacock with you. Besides, I'm not much better than you now. Don't forget that in the palace of Mu Jun, there is a dead Di Lanyue who won't leave. She's waiting for the evil to come back!" "Yes, why did I forget my elder sister?" When she heard this, her eyes lit up. "So, Gu Changsheng, you are more miserable than me!"! You are under attack from both sides, 24v Gear Motor ,small geared motors, and I am under attack from one side at most! When Gu Changsheng heard this, he immediately let go of the catty and snorted, "Ya, are you looking for balance on me?"? Go, go, go away, don't let me see your face of schadenfreude, you need to be beaten! With these words, Gu Changsheng threw away his son and went to the martial arts field. Hey, don't be angry. We are friends. Don't friends want to share weal and woe? "I only like to share the joys and sorrows with others. Don't look for me when I love someone in adversity." "Gu Changsheng, you are so unkind!"! It's so shameless! "I've been shameless for so long, and you just found out that it's too late!" "Gu Changsheng." Two people giggled and walked to the edge of Gu Fu out of the martial arts field, martial arts field, Zhou Mu and Yuexilou are playing inextricably! I've never seen two people fight, but I'm in high spirits! "Gu Changsheng, look, my senior fellow apprentice is obviously releasing water!"! Yuexilou's kung fu is good, but it's obvious that he can't beat my brother! Borzhijin pointed to the two people in the martial arts field and opened his mouth with interest. "It's good to know. Why say it?" Gu Changsheng glanced at her and opened his mouth noncommittally. Evil, from beginning to end, feel indebted to the peacock, right? Enjoyed the family affection that originally belonged to the peacock, this debt, I am afraid it will not be repaid for a lifetime. Yuexilou was born in Jiaofang. His moves are feminine but ruthless. Zhou Mu's martial arts are taught by Mr. Di of Cangmang Mountain. He has excellent bones and muscles and learns from others' strong points. His moves are open and closed, and fierce! But when two people fight, Zhou Mu always does not do his best! So again and again, such a scene, and then a hundred miles under the mountain but staged many times, see more, Gu Changsheng is no longer the interest of the past! Ya, she really wondered, is this the unique way of communication between two people or what? When we meet, we quarrel, and when we can't say a few words, we pinch! This is totally inconsistent with the temperament of the two people! "Almost!"! It's time for dinner! Seeing that it was already dark, Gu Changsheng shouted to the two men in the field. Back to Liuzhou from Liaodong, don't the demons feel tired? Is this man made of iron? The two people in the field heard the words, separated in an instant, very tacit understanding! Bor-jin read see this, can not help but stare, a face of worship looked at Gu Changsheng thumbs up, "awesome ah!"! It really worked! "That's because they're hungry!" Gu Changsheng rolled his eyes and walked to the dining building in a twinkling of an eye. It would be strange not to be hungry! Fighting takes a lot of energy! See Zhou Mu, small meat bag that is smiling to see teeth not see eyes, immediately like a dogskin plaster general wrapped up, wood uncle wood uncle called non-stop. Make one side of the moon west building, frowning, a wish to give their own little apprentice to stare out a few holes in the appearance! Gu Changsheng is quite speechless about this! She felt that her family's small meat buns and demons, just a bit of a small victory over the new love, as for her, unexpectedly not too much joy, just think, should be like this, originally is like this! However, Gu Changsheng this meal, eat quite full of sorrow! In other words,micro gear motor, this evil came back, but, how to send away.