The princess is seven years old.

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Behind her sounded the cheerful sound of Su Yueyue beating the spray, while she was freely soaking, while freely

Behind her sounded the cheerful sound of Su Yueyue beating the spray, while she was freely soaking, while freely humming a tuneless ditty. When you take a shower, can you be quiet? Xuanyuan Che's discontented voice sounded slightly angry. I usually wash like this? And I'm not used to having you standing here. Su Yueyue also raised objections. Xuanyuan Che turned around and saw Su Yueyue, who was carved with powder and jade. She was as smooth as crystal clear. She was a little person made of white jade. Wasn't she just a little kid? "Come on, Ben Wang will wash it for you personally. When it's done, climb up the bank quickly." He stretched out his hands, grabbed her two small arms, took the soft handkerchief beside her, and helped her wipe it carefully. You're pushing too hard. It hurts! Su Yueyue's two small elbows were grabbed by him in the palm of his hand, and only his discontented feet kicked him in the past. Ben Wang helped you take a bath. You should be honored. What are you talking about? Xuanyuan Che avoided her attack, but the strength of his men was naturally lighter. Fingertips inadvertently swept her ivory skin, such a touch, why would he have a very good feeling? This kind of feeling is really too strange, must go to the book to check, what is the cause of this phenomenon? It was not easy to wash all the places where the little thing should be washed. I picked her up and put her on the edge of the pool. "Can you wear your own clothes?" "I'm ten, not one, so I'll wear it naturally." Su Yueyue was dissatisfied that he always treated her as a little kid, grabbed the clean clothes on one side and put them on himself. Looking up, she saw that Xuanyuan Che was slowly taking off his already wet clothes, revealing his lean upper body. The lines of his whole body were unusually soft, and mixed with a kind of masculinity. The slender body was rolling with drops of water, and his hair was all spread out behind him. Because he was facing Su Yueyue, she could only see such a beautiful figure. The heart is also thinking, and there is no difference with their own ah,stesweet stevia, is the same. But why doesn't he have to wear a little bellyband like himself? It seems that he has not carefully observed before, master, is he the same as Xuanyuan Che, do not need to wear a bellyband? Could it be said that his front looks different from his own? "Wang Ye." She called sweetly. "Xuanyuan Che got away intuitively." Blimey! What's that? Su Yueyue screamed in horror. Xuanyuan Che was so angry that he hurried into the water, showing only the part above the shoulder. Who told you to watch Ben Wang? Close your eyes to Ben Wang! "Your front looks different from mine." Su Yueyue saw that Xuanyuan Che's face could not be more red, "are you uncomfortable?"? Let me take a look for you. Then he raised his hand to him and motioned for him to come forward and let her feel her pulse. No, no, no! Ben Wang is all right! From now on, you close your eyes for Ben Wang. I say you can open them again. Do you hear me? Xuanyuan Che only felt that at this time of their own, the blood of the whole body seems to be flowing backwards in general, this little girl, she is too shameless, in the future must be well trained. Su Yueyue did not understand why he was so nervous, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, since let her close her eyes, then close it. After hearing the sound of the water, Su Yueyue thought that the sound of the water was gone, and he should have washed it, so he opened his eyes happily. Touching into the eye, is Xuanyuan Che is holding underwear, is about to put on, see her open eyes, his movements will be stiff fixed. For a long time, he gave an earth-shaking roar to Su Yueyue, who was still staring at the different place between himself and her with his eyes still wide and somewhat curious: "Who told you to open your eyes?" I don't know if Qingfeng and Yuchen have ever been in such a situation? They will certainly not have their own such pain, who let them around, not a ten-year-old little point? Is painful thinking, he how to seriously explain, the man and the woman itself is different, the body is not the same is very normal, has fallen asleep Su Yueyue suddenly stretched out a little foot, with a bang, put on his waist, he is very patient to put down the foot, but immediately the little foot again put on his waist, so repeatedly several times. Xuanyuan Che let the foot swing around his waist in frustration. Wang Ye, Ling Yue sees that your spirit is not very good. You might as well postpone the day when you take the little princess out to relax. Ling Yue stood in the front hall early in the morning, waiting for the appearance of Xuanyuan Che, since he took Su Yueyue into the palace, this is the first time she saw him in the house, and learned that he will soon take the little princess out to relax, can not help but some panic. Wang Ye played with the little princess so much every day that she had no chance to intervene. Not to mention making Lord Rui fall in love with her. Therefore, early in the morning, after dressing up carefully, I waited here. Ling Yue, seeing that your body is almost recovered, the stone in the king's heart has finally been put down. Only then did Xuanyuan Che recall that he had not yet solemnly thanked her, so with a sunny smile on his handsome face, he solemnly said to her, "Thank you for the last thing." The beautiful smile on Lingyue's lips had not yet fully spread out. Xuanyuan Che went on to say, "In fact, we should all thank the little fox. If it hadn't taken Su Yueyue to find the wizard and hurt him, the dead men would have been entangled with us until we had no resistance." "Wang Ye, how long will it take you to go out?" Lingyue's eyes slowly filled with bitterness, and the mist was already misty in her eyes. The silk handkerchief in his hand had been twisted into a twist. This shows how unwilling and reluctant she is in her heart. I don't know. It can be as little as a few months or as much as a few years. Xuanyuan Che lowered his head and looked at the shock and surprise in Lingyue's eyes. Why does it take so long? She murmured, as if she could not bear it,pumpkin seed extract, and her figure swayed gently twice. What about me? He seemed to be asking himself, and he seemed to be asking Xuanyuan Che. He unexpectedly, the slightest bit also does not care about her Chu Lingyue.