On the apex of your heart..

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For the first time, she found that his voice was so good? It was obviously a lesson, a very serious tone, but it

For the first time, she found that his voice was so good? It was obviously a lesson, a very serious tone, but it happened that her ears became hot. It's like floating gently with a feather, and the tip of the heart is itchy. Silently touched the root of the red ear, Lin Xi licked his lips, serious face. It was nearly evening after the lesson, and the glow on the horizon was like an orange coat, putting a warm color on the whole city. For the sake of Lin Xi's injured hand, Wen Yike simply made noodles with shredded meat and packed them into two bowls. Although Lin Xi's hands were hit, his appetite was still very good. After eating, he sat on the sofa with his stomach in his hands and happily brushed Weibo. So when Wen Yike came out after washing the dishes, he just heard her muttering something, but he couldn't hear it clearly in a low voice. His long legs stepped close to her and sat down. His eyes touched the screen where he forwarded the lottery micro-blog last night, and he heard her silently lamenting that the number of forwarding was so high and the winning rate was so low. He raised his eyebrows quietly, sat up straight, glanced at her, and asked, "Do you like it?" Chapter V Lin Xi was startled by him, and his expression froze for a few seconds before he blushed and nodded. I like it. I also forgot when I discovered and began to pay attention to the dusk and morning light. In fact, at first I was only interested in the delicious food he often talked about. I also had a sudden idea to learn cooking, but the result was bleak. Later, in the continuous attention, she found that the girl in the public screen actually liked his voice more, that kind of deep magnetism,wire nail machine manufacturers, the end of the sound around the beam like the end of the cello, so that Lin Xi also began to indulge. Sound this kind of thing, as expected is more and more unable to extricate oneself, especially mixed with delicious food, more people can not stop. Wen Yike said, but did not go on to say, only looked at her face for a few seconds, then got up. Afraid Fujin is not obedient, just tonight at home,Nail machine supplier, Wen Yike will lead Fujin to leave together, after returning home, he untied the traction rope, Fujin locked in a small black room. He crouched down and rubbed his head. "Fujin, do you know where you are wrong?" Fu Jin was afraid of being locked up in a small dark room. As soon as he came in, he whined constantly. His fat paws were on Wen Yike's arm, and his big wet eyes were pitiful. But this did not soften its owner's heart, but made it more serious. Fujin, think for yourself. What have you done? Fu Jin sold the cute outfit pitifully, so he collapsed and turned his white belly to Wen Yike on all fours, stretching his paws and whimpering again. Wen Yike knew that he was admitting his mistake. I told you to stay with her, not to bite her, okay? Long fingers on Fujin's stomach, there is no touch, "in the future you have to listen to her, can not be fierce to her, let alone bite her!" Fu Jin hung his head and kept silent. I'm your master, and so is she. If you do this again, Nail machine supplier ,Coil nail machine, I'll see what I can do to you! Wen Yike raised his hand and patted Fujin's buttocks lightly and heavily. "I'll reflect here tonight." Seeing the master get up and go out, Fujin grinned to follow him, but suddenly he was ordered to close up, and the whole dog was gone. Sitting at the desk to deal with a few documents left in the afternoon, Wen Yike went to the living room to pour himself a glass of water, unexpectedly found that the time is still early. Tonight the night is good, except for the sultry late summer, there is a cool breeze, he stood in front of the window for a while, but remembered the micro-blog before, it seems that it is time to draw a lottery. Holding the cup full, Wen Yike returned to the computer, boarded the micro-blog roughly glanced at the comments below, Shi Shiran moved the mouse to forward. Evening Morning Light: The lottery opens tonight. Congratulations to Lin Xiaoxi who has had bad luck recently. Tell me what you want in a private message. Thank you for your active participation! Micro-blog just sent out less than ten seconds, there are nearly 100 forwarding volume, many fans in the evening and morning see the lottery, all excitedly climb up the micro-blog, see that the lucky is not their own, lamenting forwarding. Fresh Plum Garden: Well, it seems that the micro-blog name is not greatly favored, next time I will change a better one! Warm Winter: Did Dada see that lucky person had bad luck recently, so he liked her? As soon as this word came out, the following leprechauns immediately expressed their approval, reaching out their hands to praise one after another, and not forgetting to forward the comments according to the formation. The stars shine on my heart: Dada, I have had bad luck recently ~ Strawberry Egg Tart: Dada, I have had bad luck recently. Strive to make progress and do well in the exam. Mushroom Cool: Dada, I've had bad luck recently ~ …… Wen Yike looked at it for a while, could not help but close the page, and then sent a private message to Lin Xiaoxi, who had recently had bad luck. Dusk Morning Light: Hello, have you seen Weibo? Congratulations on winning the lottery. You can tell me what you want. When Lin Xi saw this Weibo, she just came out of the bathroom and almost fell down. She steadied her body, lay in front of the computer and stared at the Weibo for more than ten seconds. After rubbing her eyes to make sure that she was not dazzled, she covered her face and laughed. I won the lottery!!! Is thinking, the computer came a private message ding, she hurriedly opened, see is the male God to take the initiative to send a private message, stay for several seconds before remembering to answer. Lin Xiaoxi, who has had bad luck recently: Thank you for beating me!!! Well, do whatever you want ~ Wen Yike was inexplicably given a moment by the last "~", thinking that Lin Xi now probably has a dogleg expression on his face, he couldn't help stretching his long legs, and his handsome face was full of smiles. Dusk Morning Light: The weather is so hot recently that I can't make anything for a long time. Do you like biscuits? Strawberry? Super happy Lin Xiaoxi: I like it! Only then did Wen Yike discover that she had changed her Weibo name, and after quietly raising her eyebrows, she made the final decision. Twilight Morning Light: Strawberry Cheese Biscuit, what's the address? Send it to you. Lin Xi reported the name of the city and community, and then did not write, after receiving a "um" word, the dialogue ended. Closing the computer, Lin Xi threw herself into the big bed and covered her happy face with a quilt. Ama, who was lying under the bed, did not know what had happened. She jumped onto the bed and pushed her back with her claws. Wen Yike, on the other hand, turned off the computer and went into the bathroom to get his pajamas. After washing,Nail Making Machine price, he wiped his hair and sat on the edge of the bed, with the corners of his mouth slightly bent, in a happy mood. 3shardware.com