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There was a brothel girl named Jinhua. She was both talented and beautiful. She knew foreign languages and was

There was a brothel girl named Jinhua. She was both talented and beautiful. She knew foreign languages and was good at communication. As a prostitute, she helped the rebel army raise food, and the foreign generals did not kill innocent people indiscriminately in Peiping because of the pillow wind. But she had nowhere to depend on. She drifted everywhere and died in the depths of the fireworks alley. Who ever came to see her? It is better for me to fail the people of the world than for the people of the world to fail me. Perhaps I have to live smarter than another kind of person, but there are tens of millions of people in this world who are willing to pay all for the people in the world. Why is this? Perhaps it is because some people's life is too valuable, so valuable that gold and silver can not be bought, only the loyalty in their hearts can let them invade all. Xuelan wrote a story about a swordsman. She told people to be true to their words, resolute in action, sincere in their promises, do not love their bodies, and go to the distress of scholars. If even a little money is reluctant to take out to help people in distress, then what face does she have to write the stories of those heroes? Even if she did, I'm afraid she wouldn't believe her own story, let alone others. Shirley is just an ordinary girl. She is a little selfish and a little cold like all the people of later generations. But also because she comes from the future, she is different from the people who feel inferior and have no way out in this era. She has hope and self-confidence. She respects those who fight for the nation. She also encourages people to become such people, so first of all, we should make ourselves bold. Xuelan didn't explain to Li. She just patted Li on the shoulder and said, "Niang, don't be afraid. Money will be earned again. We've only been out for two years. Don't we have so much money?"? Are you still afraid of becoming poor later? Li Shi is urgent, holding the hand of snow orchid to say: "Niang is not to let you donate, you donate a part, donate half, but do not donate completely.". In the past two years, you have worked from dawn to dusk. How much paper you have written, how much lamp oil you have boiled, and your fingers have written cocoons. Niang is reluctant to give up. Xuelan slowly approached Li Shi and held her head in her arms. At this moment, she felt very happy because someone was hurting her. Besides, what's the use of donating it all? Who knows who you are? What are you trying to do? "I want to make myself believe that there are real swordsmen in this world." Xuelan said,Nail machine manufacturer, "Niang also knows what story I wrote, but sometimes even I don't believe it. Is there really a knight-errant in the world?"? Is there really a person who will work hard for other people's affairs? So I need to do this, not only because there are countless poor people in need of help, but also because our money is better used to save people than to put it in the bank. But also because, when someone asks me if there really is a hero like you in your story, I can tell everyone frankly that there is. Li Shi did not speak for a long time, she turned her back to Xuelan, suddenly sobbed, and finally sighed: "It's up to you, anyway, I can't control you.". But you are not allowed to donate the money that Niang earns from singing. I earned it. Later, Li never said a word about it. Xuelan wants to donate her money through non-governmental disaster relief organizations, and she needs to have a good reputation and a certain ability. The business association she targeted is such an organization, just listen to the name, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,Automatic nail machine, this is the local business association in Peiping. If you want to donate money, and if you want to donate such a large sum of money, you can't just throw it at the door of others. You have to meet them and listen to how they organize disaster relief. She felt that she could not give money to others incognito this time. Sometimes fame was also a sharp weapon. She was Shanlan after the snow. This name was not a big name, but it was also a famous person. If this organization dares to be as unconscionable as the Beiyang government and embezzle donations, we should also consider whether donors will come forward to denounce them. Of course, when Xuelan chose this organization, she had already made it clear that the president of this organization, Mr. Wang Pinxian, was a person with strong character. Although he was a businessman, his ancestors were also high officials. He was also a Confucian businessman. He was a patriot who had always supported the national industry. Xuelan told editor Xu that she was going to meet him. She did not tell editor Xu that she planned to donate money, after all, to do this is not to be famous, let the newspaper know, maybe it will be a lot of hype, that is contrary to her original intention to do this. So she just told editor Xu vaguely that she wanted to ask this gentleman for help. Editor Xu had no choice but to find someone else, and then vaguely said the request, but when they heard it, they were very surprised. After repeatedly confirming his identity with editor Xu, he eagerly said that if Mr. Shan Lan had any request, as long as I, Wang, could do it, I would be duty-bound. Then Xuelan packed up and went to see her with the bank deposit certificate. She didn't know that Master Wang's house was full of chickens and dogs. You're going to see Shan Lan after the snow! Xuelan has a wide readership. Children of seven or eight years old like to listen to it, and teenagers also like to watch it. But martial arts are adult fairy tales, and children just listen to them. Only a truly mature person can understand the author's hidden feelings. Yes, this Mr. Wang Pinxian is actually a reader of Xuelan, and his son is the dissolute young master Wang Chengyan. At first, Master Wang read the article of Shanlan after the snow by himself. Because the newspaper was carefully clipped, he held it in his arms and read it, so his mother read it gradually, his brother read it, and I don't know when his father also read it. One day when Master Wang came home, he rummaged through boxes and cupboards and couldn't find his newly bought book. As soon as he got downstairs, he found his father working hard with his glasses on. From then on, there was one more person waiting for the newspaper silently. When he came home that night, Mr. Wang said this, and the whole family's ears stood up, especially Master Wang. What? Do you know Shan Lan after the snow? Have you seen him? How do you know him? Why didn't you tell us before? Master Wang asked a lot of questions as soon as he opened his mouth. I don't know him. He contacted me on his own initiative, saying that he had something to ask me, so he asked for a meeting. "Oh, what is it?" Asked Mrs. Wang. The editor is also vague, to meet to know, if it is not too troublesome, I will help others,Coil Nail Making Machine, after all, can write such a story, will not be too disappointing. Mr. Wang said.