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"Don't be afraid, old Zhao," said Ding Jianzhong. At this point, the camel dragon shouted, "Who is coming?"

"Don't be afraid, old Zhao," said Ding Jianzhong. At this point, the camel dragon shouted, "Who is coming?" There was a sound from the opposite side: "Amitabha, is that Master Jiang?"? The poor monk of the Shaolin Temple, Cigen, was ordered by the abbot. He led the monks of the Arhat Hall of our temple to protect the gentry and merchants who handled the disaster relief of the Yellow River. When he said this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that Master Zhiben thought the time was urgent. After Ding Jianzhong left, he immediately sent a letter to the Shaolin Temple with a flying pigeon to report Ding Jianzhong's Yellow River relief. Disaster, by the obstruction of the unified door. The matter of disaster relief is hoped to be handled by the temple. Please ask the abbot to decide. The abbot of the Shaolin Temple was originally the nephew of the thin King Kong. When he received the voice of the flying pigeon from his uncle, he replied to the letter and said that all actions could be taken. At the discretion of Martial Uncle, if it is feasible, it can be done in the name of the temple. Oriental Jade Purple Jade Fragrance Chapter 36 The letter arrived at the Xiangguo Temple in the evening, and Master Zhiben sent the Eighteen Dharma Protector Disciples of the Arhat Hall to meet him. (Master Zhiben had already transferred the elite of the Shaolin Temple Arhat Hall to Kaifeng in order to deal with Yitongmen, as detailed above.) When Tuolong and Chang Hui left Xiangguo Temple, they didn't know about the Shaolin Temple's decision. They were overjoyed and said with a smile, "Ci Gen!" The master is just in time. Seventeen gentry and merchants here need someone to protect them into the city. Master Cigen put his hands together and said, "The poor monk has been ordered by my Martial Uncle to rush to the rescue. Daxia Jiang and Daxia Ding have taken the capital of the seventeen gentry merchants." Have you been rescued? Ding Jianzhong also hurriedly came up and introduced Zhao Zhenzhong and others one by one. Zhao Zhenzhong heard that the Shaolin Temple had come forward to assist in disaster relief and protect himself and others. With the prestige of the Shaolin Temple, thieves are natural. I dare not do anything again, and I am overjoyed. Because time was pressing, Ding Jianzhong bowed his hand to Master Cigen and said, "The master is coming, and the inferior people must rush to the inn to meet him." "Seventeen gentry here, such as Zhao Lao, asked the master to escort them back,socket screw plug, and the lower class would have to go first." Master Ci Gen put his hands together and said, "Almsgiver Ding, go ahead." "Master Ding," said Zhao Zhenzhong, "is there anything else in the city?" Ding Jianzhong said, "The thieves used Zhonglao and others as bait to lure them down here to rescue them. But the real purpose of the thieves was in the inn." The treasure of disaster relief, at this time, I'm afraid it's already started! Zhao Zhenzhong said angrily, "The thieves are really lawless. They even want to rob the treasures for disaster relief. Isn't it insane?" In that case,car radiator cap, Master Ding, please be my guest. "I'll take my leave first," said Ding Jianzhong. At that moment, he said goodbye to Zhao Zhenzhong and Master Cigen. "Where is Laohuazi?" Tieguaixian asked. "Would you like to go?" The camel dragon said with a smile, "Brother Li has already shown his face here. Let's go and join in the fun. With your brother's help, won't you?" Better? Tie Guai Xian laughed and said, "All right, then go!" Chunhyang took Ji Qingqing by the hand and said in a low voice, "Sister Ji, the main purpose of your eldest brother's disaster relief is to find out why he was killed." Father and your mother's murderer come, such a big event, can you stand by? Come on, there will be a fight tonight. If you don't help your brother, You should help my sister, too! Finish saying, do not wait for Ji Qingqing to answer, pull her to go. The city of Kaifeng is affected by the flooding of the Yellow River, and several of the busiest streets are not as lively as before after nightfall. In the more remote streets, Steel investment casting ,Investment casting parts, the doors are closed at night, and it is already dark. At this time, it was almost the second watch. Jing'an Guest House was one of the largest inns in Kaifeng City, but it was relieved by the Yellow River. Ding Jianzhong and his wife all wrapped down, so in addition to the four white porcelain glass lampshades with four scarlet letters of "Jing'an Hakka Village" hanging at the gate, The red candle was still lit, and beyond the light in front of the gate, the lights in the whole street were as rare as the morning stars! Inside Jing'an Hakka Village, because most of all the people had been transferred out, accompanied by Ding Jianzhong and his wife, they rushed to Ganlu Temple to save people. Only when the general manager Wan Youquan and a few people stay behind, it is natural to turn off the lights, in order to make people unfathomable, so in addition to the backward Wan Youquan sit. The east wing of the town, as well as the lights, the entire Jingan Hakka Village three into dozens of houses, are presented in darkness, do not smell a person. Sound! Of course, if outsiders think that all the people in the Hakka Village are asleep, it is better to believe that the people in the Hakka Village are concentrated in the backward, and none of them are there. Sleeping, we are fully armed to protect the treasure of disaster relief and alert. This, anyone can guess, Ding Jianzhongfu The woman rushed to save people, and the rest of the people naturally had to guard the inn carefully. Tuk "Tuk", "Dang", "Dang".. The watchman sounded two gongs, representing that he had been handed over to the second watch at this time! But at the second sound of the Gong, at the gate of Jingan Hakka Village, suddenly there were four sounds of "sniff" and "sniff", followed by The four white porcelain lampshades of "Dang" and "Dang" were all smashed to pieces, and the gate was blackened. At this moment, on the buildings of Jingan Hakka Village, people appeared in all directions at the same time! There were five men in the east first room, dressed in black, led by a man in black with a black cloth on his face and a green steel sword in his hand. There were also five men in the west room, dressed in the same black suit, led by a masked man in black with a park knife. On the southern roof, there were also five people, the first of whom was a tall man with thick eyebrows and purple face. It was Wu Tianxiang, the king of the Western Heaven. Behind him Also followed by four big men in black, armed with ghost knives, lined up, standing on the roof ridge. These three sides of the people, although already now Body, but because Jing'an Hakka Village is dark, for a while, I don't know the details, but I dare not rush in. Ha-ha Someone in the east wing laughed and said, "Brother, I'm sure there will be a high roller from Jianghu coming in the second watch tonight." Forgive my brother for his failure to greet you. I have ordered the kitchen to prepare water, wine and coarse dishes. Why don't you come down and have a chat with your friends? With the sound of the voice, the man walked slowly out of the middle hall. This man was Wan Youquan, the manager. He was wearing a new sky-blue robe, a melon skin hat, and feet covered with pink boots. With a smile on his face,Magnetic Drain Plug, he stepped out of the corridor. Suddenly he gathered his eyebrows and said, "Somebody, a good friend from Jianghu Road is here. Why don't you set up a lantern?" 。 autoparts-dx.com