Iron Pillar Cloud Flag

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When Zhao Yuefeng heard his voice, he judged that he was still more than twenty Zhangs away. Seeing that he

When Zhao Yuefeng heard his voice, he judged that he was still more than twenty Zhangs away. Seeing that he was coming in an instant, he was shocked. He secretly paid the old devil's whole body power to restore the old view. Now, as long as he found himself, he could only wait for death. The children cried out in horror when they saw his strange power. The little girl quickly pulled them into the house and covered the doors. Master Takeshi turned pale and looked at his father in silence. If Zhao Yuefeng hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she couldn't believe that this stubborn and proud girl would still show such a pitiful look. Her heart softened, and she suddenly felt chivalrous and thought: "If the Duke of Wuyang did this regardless of his father-daughter relationship, I, Zhao Yuefeng, as a chivalrous man, can't sit back and watch this vicious thing happen.." Wu Yang Gong's cold eyes turned a few times on his daughter's face. "Where are the narcissus?" He asked coldly. Wu Gongzhu felt a burst of pain in his heart. He thought to himself that he had been filial for more than ten years, but he was not as good as a single narcissus. He answered slowly, "I'm dead!" The Duke of Wuyang looked even colder. "Where is the corpse?" He asked. Master Wu was stunned for a moment. "Left it in the mountains," he said, "it must have been kissed by the beast. I can't find it." Wu Yang Gong's face suddenly softened and he said softly, "Even if I die, you can take me to see that place." Master Takeshi stammered, "My daughter forgot the exact location. Besides, what's there to see there?" "Don't talk too much," said the Duke of Wuyang. "Just take me there." Lord Takeshi stammered. "She's not dead," he said with a sigh. "But she's a monk." "Take me to see her!" Said Wu Yang. Master Takeshi suddenly burst into a mournful cry and cried,needle valve manufacturer, "Daddy!"! Can't her daughter compare with her? "She is my own flesh and blood," said the Duke of Wuyang coldly. "You are only my adopted daughter. How can you compare?" This only heard Zhao Yuefeng a Leng, thought this Wuyang Gong Haosheng cruel and cold, even if the truth is so, it is not appropriate to export at this time. Wu Gong Zhu seemed to know his life experience only now. He was as dull as a wooden chicken, and his face was even paler. After a while, Youyou said, "Well,38 tube fitting, I'll take you to see her." She immediately changed to call Wuyang Gong his adoptive father, which is bitter self-pity, even Zhao Yuefeng such a reckless man can feel. The Duke of Wuyang was unmoved at all. "That's very good," he said. "But I must find Zhao Yuefeng first, so that he won't hook up with him." In the midst of this extreme suffering and disorder, Master Wu instead recalled what had happened to the little girl earlier. He thought to himself, "When most of the children see this donkey, they are all curious to see it. The little girl actually lowers her head and is clearly timid. Moreover, she has more than a dozen copper coins in her hand. How can this poor peasant family have money to spend on the children? It must be Zhao Yuefeng who is hiding in this room." Naturally, she wouldn't say anything about it at the moment. She changed her mind and shouted, "Peier knows the whereabouts of Zhao Yuefeng, but how will you punish him in the future?"? Please tell me first. The Duke of Wuyang hesitated for a moment and said, "You will be punished to copy the Leng Yan Sutra and the Diamond Sutra a thousand times in regular script, and then.." The punishment was beyond the expectation of Master Wu and Zhao Yuefeng. She was stunned for a moment and said, "What about the future?" Justice in Wuyang said, hydraulic fitting supplier ,stainless steel needle valve, "After that, I will cut my hair and become a nun. I will never get married." With a burst of sadness, Master Wu said in a quiet voice, "Peier would rather die now!" "It's up to you," said Wu Yang, "but you must first tell us the whereabouts of Zhao Yuefeng and the nunnery where Narcissus became a monk." "Zhao Yuefeng is already dead," said Lord Wu Gong. "I'll tell you the inside story later. There's another thing that must be investigated first. That is, Sister Narcissus became a nun. I didn't force her!"! Godfather, even if you find her, it's no use! Wu Yanggong naturally understood the meaning of this, knowing that he had already seen that a single narcissus heart had fallen on Zhao Yuefeng, so as soon as she knew that she was the daughter of Zhao Yuefeng's old enemy, she thought of the hopelessness of the union and naturally chose to become a monk. "There's nothing in the world that can't be solved," he said with a sneer. "If she doesn't listen to my father, I'll burn down the temple and see where she goes to chant sutras and worship the Buddha." Master Takeshi sighed, "My godfather's method is really very powerful. Sister Narcissus is afraid that all the monks and nuns in the world will suffer, so she has no choice but to obey.." Zhao Yuefeng on the one hand indignant, on the other hand also very admire. He had not thought that the single narcissus was becoming a monk for him, thinking that since that was the case, the second sister would not become a monk! Master Takeshi asked again, "Godfather, you always ordered me to copy the Leng Yan Sutra and the Diamond Sutra a thousand times. I don't need to say what I suffered during this period. I just don't know why Godfather came up with such a strange and terrible punishment." Zhao Yuefeng is well aware of the pain of writing and copying, and can not help but listen carefully at the moment. The Duke of Wuyang smiled coldly and said nothing. He thought to himself, "The Leng Yan Sutra and the Vajra Sutra are important Buddhist scriptures. They contain a wide range of teachings and prove the subtleties of the theory.". With her aptitude, if she copies it thousands of times, she will not only be thoroughly familiar with it, but also be able to fully understand its purport. At that time, I'm afraid she can't be allowed to become a monk! Wu Gongzhu and Zhao Yuefeng naturally did not expect that Wu Yanggong was knowledgeable, scheming and skillful. In order to make Wu Fangpei unable to marry in her life, they set this trap to make her willing to escape from the empty door in the future. At that moment, Master Wu told how Zhao Yuefeng hid in the forbidden area of Wudang Secret Mansion to practice martial arts and heal his wounds, and how he dropped the poisonous fruit. The Duke of Wuyang nodded his head and said, "You can't make this up casually. Let's see what the Wudang Sect is doing and see if Zhao Yuefeng is really dead." He hesitated for a moment and said, "We don't have to go up the mountain. We just keep an eye on the neighborhood. If the Wudang Sect sends out the news of Zhao Yuefeng's death, it's definitely false.". If there is no movement to spread, or even send someone down the mountain to look for Zhao Yuefeng, then it is concluded that he is dead! This inference is really very reasonable, if Zhao Yuefeng is not a strange combination of circumstances to escape, hear their conversation, but to see the people of Wudang, Wu Gong Lord cast the poisonous fruit to harm the matter to say, will be the plan, spread the news of Zhao Yuefeng's death, so that Zhao Yuofeng hidden penance, do not have to guard against Wuyang Gong to find the door. Wu Gong Lord Wei Wei answered and immediately followed Wu Yang Gong to the main road. Soon, the bell was fading away. At this time, Zhao Yuefeng completely gave up the intention of reporting to Wudang,brass tube fitting, secretly thinking that he had not recovered his skill, so he had to find a secluded place and practice hard. After thinking about it, I decided to go north and find a remote village to hide.