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The brilliant battle under the night sky lasted for a moment again. The golden figure of Kailang was suddenly

The brilliant battle under the night sky lasted for a moment again. The golden figure of Kailang was suddenly shot down by one of the swordsmen, and Kailang's body was smashed into the cliff from high altitude, but the four holy killers caught up with him at the first time without giving him any chance to breathe. Boom!! 。 Under the magic of the Holy Devil Teacher, the bottomless cliff instantly ignited a terrible flame, which imprinted the golden figure of Kailang at the bottom of the abyss, and then tore the whole cliff apart and roared down. The bottom of the crazy toward Kailang body hit, suddenly this high and steep mountains appeared earth-shaking shaking. The cliffs, stone forests and peaks all collapsed in the shaking, and a strong wave of air swept across more than ten kilometers in an instant! Powered, Gaia and Selene flew into the sky and continued to observe the battle under the cover of Norman's breath. Kailang was buried by the huge mountain, but it didn't take long for him to break out of the encircled area. The sword in his hand pointed proudly to the sky, and suddenly the whole night was full of strong winds, mixed with the blade of fighting spirit that destroyed the world,stainless steel tube fitting, and suddenly the rainstorm-like fighting spirit fell from the night. The powerful gas field crushed the collapsed mountains to pieces, while the rainstorm swept through them crazily, and the terrible destructive power forced the three Kensei to stop attacking! The golden fighting spirit fell all over the sky, and the surface of the earth had completely sunk a hundred meters deep, forming an even greater abyss. Taking advantage of this muddy and diffuse moment, Kailang's body made a golden light like a star twinkling,12 needle valve, and then disappeared into the night, apparently not intending to continue trembling. But just after his figure flew out. A light magic array with dazzling light suddenly appeared in the vast sky. Looking up at this time, we can clearly see that the huge light magic array is moving closely with the figure of Kailang. Then a curtain of light fell from the clouds to the ground. The shocking light curtain directly smashed Kailang's tiny figure into the ground! In this short period of time, the three Kensei have also chased under the light curtain, and are preparing to make a final attack on Kailang, who has fallen into the magic array of the Forbidden Curse. But at that moment, the three men felt two powerful breaths flying towards them at the same time. Boom!!! The combination of fighting spirit and magic opened a gorgeous halo, and each ring of the halo exploded a high-level fire magic. The flames suddenly swept across the whole dark night sky, reflecting each other with the Asian Forbidden Curse, 14 tube fitting ,38 needle valve, and the white light and red flames suddenly stained the dark earth. What man! The four holy killers didn't expect to kill two powerful Kensei on the way. The two Blademasters immediately began to block, while the Holy Devil Teacher and another Holy Slayer began to kill the wounded Kailang. Suddenly, another light magic appeared, and this light magic was not aggressive. But it is a super light healing magic. From several kilometers away, through the magic array of the Forbidden Curse, Kailang's body was bathed. The wounds on Kailang's body healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the great pain of bone suturing made the Kensei roar out! With this roar. Kailang's body burst into a dazzling light like the rising sun, and the sub-magic array that trapped him immediately began to record and smash. Angry, he did not run away, but carried the sword directly to meet the sword saint! When the strength of a ninth order Kensei fully burst out, it was quite terrible. The sixth order holy slayer was hit several kilometers away after fighting with Kailang, and the holy magic teacher changed space several times in a row, releasing magic from a long distance to restrict Kailang's actions. 20,000 The healing effects of the super-light magic continued, and Kailang's eyes fell on the dark mound in the distance, faintly seeing a sorceress standing there. Kailang withdrew his gaze and glanced at the other two men who had come to his aid. To his surprise, one of the two holy powers was a blood werewolf with black fur. The other was even more astonishing to Kailang: it was a young man! A young man who can stand up to one of the holy killers! Kailang preferred to believe that he was wrong. You should know that there are only a handful of young people in the whole land of Eden who have entered the holy realm before the age of thirty, not to mention a person who can compete with the sixth-order Kensei! Kailang was stunned at the same time. The holy killer who fought against Gaia was even more shocking. Poison said that the killer had traveled all over Eden for more than 40 years. If not now, the facts are in front of us. Even if he went to assassinate the Pope, he didn't want to believe that there was a man in his twenties who could compete with his holy killer! "You," are you the close disciple of the Lord? " The slayer asked in exasperation. Gaia, who did not know what master or what disciple, maintained a continuous attack, and after a continuous attack of magic and fighting spirit, the holy killer had to fall to the ground. Another holy killer who fought against the Blood Werewolf Emperor was already sweating. Once an adventurer, he had really met the Blood Werewolf Emperor, but the fur of those Blood Werewolves Emperor was gray and black, and its strength reached the fourth and fifth ranks of terror, while the fur of the Blood Wolf Emperor in front of him was completely black. Demonstrated the terror strength already let him some difficult to cope with, not to mention after the blood werewolf special skill bloodthirsty crazy transformation! Kailang knew that he had been helped by the mysterious man, and at that moment he no longer had any scruples. He directly resisted the magic of the holy demon teacher. The sword tore the night sky, as if it were smashing the stars. The fighting spirit was completely overbearing without any modification or illusion. The powerful air pressure forced the holy teacher to use the strongest defense,ball valve manufacturer, including his own guardian equipment. But even so, the fighting spirit released by the human extreme strong is still not so easy to stop. Under the energy of the broken space and the air flow like a sword, the holy demon teacher spurted a mass of blood and flew out upside down. It smashed into the mountains in the distance.