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Agricultural Drone suppliers Agricultural Drone suppliers

Agricultural Drone suppliers Overview The payload of U25L--4 Farming Drone is 25 liters, and the spray width is increased to 4-6m. It is equipped with 8 nozzles and high-pressure pumps, which can spray at a speed of up to 6~10 liters/minute, and the working efficiency can reach 8 hectares per hour, complete a very scientific and efficient spraying operation. The high-pressure nozzles make the sprayed pesticides more penetrating, make the pesticides penetrate better into crops and soil, and make the pesticides play a greater role, thereby saving the amount of pesticides and making the spraying operation more efficient, thereby saving labor and pesticides cost. During the high-efficiency flight spraying process, the high-performance motor provides a stable and sufficient power supply to ensure a long-term operation. The 42000mAh battery has more power and charging ability, and a more powerful system provides stable operation. U25L--4 carbon fiber arms and other components are stronger and more durable, which are ideal for long-term pesticide spraying, and resist dust and corrosion, ensuring that the drone can complete more efficient spraying operations. Not only that, the built-in GPS positioning system greatly improves the accuracy of spraying operations, ensures that spraying is not repeated, and improves work efficiency. The powerful intelligent system of Farming Drone can easily complete various intelligent operations such as autonomous operations, AB dotting, autonomous surveying and mapping, and precise spraying. It can be operated remotely to reduce the harm of pesticides to workers. With its powerful performance and excellent spraying capabilities, the U25L-4 can operate autonomously on a wide variety of crops and trees. Such as rich, corn, banner tree, rubber tree and soybean, etc. At the same time, it is equipped with a real-time FPV camera and two searchlights, which can provide users with a clear real-time view even at night. The high-definition camera will transmit the image to the high-definition screen of the intelligent control center in real time, which can monitor the flight situation in real time. Combined with the lowering radar and the front and rear obstacle avoidance radar, the UAV can avoid obstacles in time, reduce unnecessary damage, ensure the safety of flight, and complete autonomous operations. With an innovative foldable design, it can be folded in a short time. Both the pail and the battery can be removed and replaced, simplifying assembly and speeding up daily loading and unloading, greatly improving spray efficiency, while also making it easy to transport.Agricultural Drone suppliers website: