Jianghu Fengyun Record

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He Bi saw that this man didn't look like a bad guy. He thought to himself: I often hear Master Thieves and Demons

He Bi saw that this man didn't look like a bad guy. He thought to himself: I often hear Master Thieves and Demons say that people in the martial arts world are most concerned about face. This big man may be a famous local figure. Maybe he is the same as the old man in the same room. As soon as he heard that he was a member of the Eating and Drinking Gang, he thought he was a Jianghu figure. So he reconnoitered late at night, so as not to make a case, and his face was not good.. Just then, the old man in the room walked out of the room. He coughed twice and said to himself, "In such a cold day, unless they are stupid thieves, I don't believe they are not afraid of the cold. Save your trouble!" When the big man heard this, he laughed and said, "I have Xu Jiu in Chang'an. Friends who pass by must save face for me. Otherwise, if I make any friends in Jianghu, if I really have some blind thieves who are going to wipe some oil and water, I have to think about what kind of person I am in Chang'an." He flaunted himself for a while, but did not hear any reply. He went up to the room again, and walked around before returning to the room. Seeing this, He Bi said with a snigger in his heart, I want to see what kind of person you are, a tyrant in Chang'an. He snorted disdainfully and quietly went back to his room to sleep. Stars in the sky, in the wind. By this time, the third watch was about to pass. Suddenly, a dark shadow flew out from a guest room on the right. It was so fast that it only flashed twice and lost its trace. But as soon as the figure disappeared, another figure suddenly appeared. He was hiding in the dark, deliberately waiting for someone to leave before he appeared. With a chuckle, he ran after him. About half an hour later, the two figures came back one after the other,side impact beams, and they all retreated into the room. The whole inn was still quiet and silent. It should be noted that those businessmen, because of the fatigue of the journey, were sleeping soundly in the warm room of the Kang. Not late to lodge first, the cock crows early to see the sky, the fifth watch gongs and drums have passed, although the day is not bright, but it is time to get up and go on the road. But just then, something strange happened to the inn. I do not know from which guest room first, shouted: "Hey-where are my pants?" His cry of surprise suddenly struck a chord, and the whole Yuelai Inn became noisy,side impact beams, even the shopkeeper was no exception, and everyone was busy looking for pants. There was a lot of shouting and looking for pants. Also do not know who, shouted: "We live in the black shop!" " Black shop? They are going to kill and rob, and everyone is afraid. Some of the bolder ones opened the door and ran out, but after a few steps, they ran back. It turned out that they felt chilly and did not wear pants. The shopkeeper circled around a quilt in the room and quickly sent someone to the new clothes shop to buy trousers for every guest. Not for a long time, Changan a bully Xu Jiu came, he is also naked buttocks, showing his true colors, originally his pants were stolen. As soon as he came in, he shouted, "I have Xu Jiu in Chang'an. Who can do it?" The owner of the shop bowed and said, "Ninth Master, isn't this already stolen?" Xu Jiu said angrily, "He's not stealing from you. He's just coming for me. What else did he lose?"? Go and report to the officer! "You can't report it to an official, Ninth Master," said the shopkeeper. "Why?" Said Xu Jiu angrily. "We didn't lose anything, side impact door beams ,aluminium coated steel tube," said the shopkeeper. "We just lost our pants. Isn't it a joke to report to an official?"? And Ninth Master, you. Xu Jiuyi listens. Suddenly felt a little cold in the lower part of the body, conveniently touched down, hey! He's not wearing pants either. Then he turned and ran to the room, put on a quilt, came out again, went to the middle of the yard, and raised his voice: "It's a blind friend who has taken a fancy to me, Xu Jiu. You might as well draw a line, and Xu will follow!" A cold voice followed: "Can you take it?" When Xu Jiu heard the sound, he looked around, but there was no sign of it. Even where the sound came from, there was no exact direction. Just then, an old man came out of the first room on the left. As soon as Fang opened the door, Xu Jiu blocked it, folded his fists in both hands, and said: "Xu Jiu has eyes and doesn't know a real person, but he is very disrespectful!" The man suddenly turned around and whirled like an electric whirl. His body rose and he bumped into Xu Jiu's head. "Xu Jiu, what are you doing?" He shouted. When Xu Jiu heard this, he realized that the man who left the room was his uncle, the eldest of the four monsters in Shangshan, named Shang Gongren. He couldn't stand it, and with a flash of his figure, he quickly dodged. But listen to a loud bang, Shang Gongren the door of the guest room immediately collapsed, suddenly broken tiles flying, dust flying. It turned out that Xu Jiu had lost his mind in anger. As soon as he saw the door open and a man came out, he thought it must be the enemy. As soon as he handed his hand, he used his own magic skill of a hundred steps and hit him. The head of the big monster Shang Gongren bumped out, but what he used was a type of Peng Bo Qingyun in the powerful Eagle Claw Skill, and his skill was also quite overbearing. At the beginning of the storm, a big tree behind Xu Jiu was broken into two parts, and the branches were flying all over the sky with broken snow. As soon as these two people made a move, it was really a surprise. The merchants, who were clamoring to throw their trousers, were petrified, and suddenly the whole inn became silent. The two people in the fight, also know each other, each hold the momentum, staring at each other. Suddenly, a laughing voice said, "Elder brother, you are not crazy, are you?"? How can you do it with your buttocks naked? This is the voice of Shang Laoer. As soon as Xu Jiu heard this, he felt a little cold in his lower body. It turned out that the quilt around him had already fallen to the ground, but the business boss, like them, had lost his pants. As soon as he heard Xu Jiu shouting in the yard, he was in a hurry and rushed out and forgot his pants. Now I was reminded by Shang Laoer that one was busy drilling into the house, while the other was busy looking for a quilt. At this time, the little old man came out of the pen room. As soon as he left the room, Xu Jiu stared at him because his pants were not lost. When Xu Jiuyi saw him, he was surprised and said, "Old thief, is that you?" The old man rolled his eyes and sneered, "What's wrong with me?"? Can't Chang'an City come? Xu Jiu smiled faintly and said,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, "In the northern and southern provinces, where can't you go? What is Chang'an?" The old man said with a smile, "There are hidden dragons and crouching tigers in Chang'an. I'm an old thief who has taken all risks to come here." 。 cbiesautomotive.com