Trapped dragon ascends to heaven

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Tianyu took Murong Aoxue's little hand and walked out of the bug number. See this Nizi slightly wrinkled, smiled

Tianyu took Murong Aoxue's little hand and walked out of the bug number. See this Nizi slightly wrinkled, smiled and said: "The air is not very good!"! Will it be because of life? "This Nizi did not answer, took a deep breath, and then said:" People's ability to adapt but very strong. At this time, from the hall, came Shuyi's cry: "General, Bai Yun elder sister, now you are finished!"! Don't think about it. I can't solve it. A hundred yuan. Bring it quickly. Soon, Bai Yun's voice came from the hall again: "Let me think, smelly girl, progress is not small!"! Laner, let me see if you can still understand it. "I can't solve it. I know it's a dead end at a glance. Money, bring the money quickly." Tianyu said in a low voice, "Cher, what am I talking about? Do you understand?" The girl looked at Tianyu strangely, nodded and said, "Of course, what's wrong?" Tianyu smiled and said, "Nothing. Just ask." "It's really too exaggerated," he cried in his heart. "Even the local dialect can be translated. How on earth can it be done? It's a pity that it can't be translated into the language of the blood clan. It would be better." At this time, Tianyu wrapped Murong Aoxue inside with a shield. As soon as the shield was loosened,Prison toilet for sale, the girls in the house immediately sensed that a stranger suddenly appeared in the yard. Watching the girls run out of the door and seeing their surprise, Tianyu couldn't help laughing and said, "Girls, my husband is back." When Laner saw a tall and beautiful woman standing beside Tianyu, they did not come over as usual. At this time, Murong Aoxue carefully observed more than a dozen beauties coming out, thinking: "Tianyu really didn't lie to me, there are so many beauties around me,Concealed Flush Valve, and the four beauties are almost the same as me.". Why do these girls look nothing like people in the mortal world? Is it all because of Tianyu? Among the girls, although each Nizi has given the original good-looking a lot, but Laner, Xiaoxiao, Ruyan and Shuzhen four, the most obvious change, with the passage of time, even more and more water. Of course, the girl who belongs to Xiao Xiao is the most dewy one among the girls. Tianyu hugged one by one, but it took a lot of time. After all the hugs were finished, Tianyu said with a smile, "Ladies, I'm sorry. I took this girl home without your permission.". This is Murong Aoxue, there is no way! I only blame my husband. He is so handsome. It is possible that this girl will become your sister. Cher, let me introduce you to my babies. Shuyi then said, Time Delay Tap ,Flush valve price, "Tianyu, let's talk inside!"! It's too hot outside. The girl's skin is so good that it would be a pity if she was tanned. Tianyu laughed and said, "Let's go in!"! Cher, this beauty is my first wife. Her name is Shuyi. She used to be very good, but now she has a little color. You have to be careful. If she offers to sleep with you, don't say yes. Murong Aoxue saw that this Nizi's waving action was similar to Tianyu's. Shuyi listened to Tianyu's words. Jiao smiled and said: "You, there is no doubt, this girl is our sister, I also call you Cher like Tianyu, it doesn't matter!" Murong Aoxue nodded with a smile and said, "It doesn't matter." Next, Tianyu introduced the rest of the girls. After the introduction, Muming Rong Aoxue cleverly said a few words about the scene, and let Tianyu lead him to another yard to rest. When Tianyu led Murong Aoxue out of the hall, the hall immediately boiled up. Shuyi rushed to Xiaoxiao's side and said, "Little sister, you are under pressure. This girl is no worse than you!"! You see, she is at least about 1.7 meters tall, which is already taller than us. Do you want to add it! Grow a few more centimeters as soon as possible. Xiao Xiao broke free from Shuyi's evil hand. "Sister Shuyi," said Jiao Chen, "you should say that to Sister Laner. What are you telling me?" You Ruo sighed, "Laner, I'm almost the same as you, but why are we so different now?"? You are not inferior to that girl at all, but I feel inferior to that girl. The rest of the chicks immediately nodded in agreement. Looking at parents and children, Murong Aoxue's beauty has a great impact on the girls. Murong Aoxue looked around curiously and said happily, "Tianyu, the architectural style here is similar to the mainstream architectural style of the monastic world!" Tianyu answered, "It seems so!"! Cher, now I'll take you to my parents. The girl blushed and murmured, "But I didn't prepare any gifts for your parents." Tianyu hugged Nizi's slender waist and said, "The rules here are gifts from your elders. Cher, you have to forget your true age now. You have to remember that you are only twenty years old. Do you know?" The girl immediately nodded her head cleverly. Walking into the yard, Tianyu shouted, "Dad, Mom, my son is back." Murong Aoxue immediately heard a surprised response from the room, and then saw two middle-aged people running out, Tianyu at this time also rushed past. After hugging his mother, Tianyu's father said softly, "Son, who is that girl?"! You didn't cheat me again! Tianyu smiled proudly and turned to Mu Rong Aoxue and said, "Cher, come back and salute." Tianyu's father looked at this beautiful woman again and felt that his heart beat a little faster. He thought to himself, "Why hasn't this boy's luck in love passed yet?"! The girls on the bubble are more beautiful than one. Tianyu took out a plate of fruit from Jiulongjie and said happily, "Dad, Mom, these are the fruits on the other side of the head. They taste very good. Taste them." Tianyu's mother looked at the glittering and translucent fruit and said,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, "Son, why does it look like crystal? There is also a clear oyster. Can you eat it?" Tianyu picked up the two and put them into his parents' hands. "Of course you can eat them," he said. "It's cool to hold them in your hands."! Taste it. 。