Wesley 009 (Geocentric Tornado)

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Teng Qingquan is even more shriveled and thin, but the firm and lofty expression on Teng Qingquan's face, compared with the oily and desirous expression on Jefferson's face

"It's food," I said. "You can taste it. It may taste good. It can make us live here for a long time." As I spoke, I put such a piece into my mouth. As soon as I entered the mouth, I felt a bad smell of grass, which almost made me spit out, but I had to bite the bullet and swallow it. Because anyway, it's better than eating raw bear meat. Moreover, now in the ice cave, survival bear meat is not available! After I swallowed the food, I saw Zhang Jian swallowing it with a sad face. I pretended to look at him with a smile. The smell of grass in my mouth gradually faded and replaced it with a very sweet taste. At the same time, I feel refreshed, as if I am full of confidence in everything in the future. The depressed look on Zhang Jian's face is also gradually decreasing. I knew immediately that it must be the magic of this food! This kind of food can not only solve hunger, but also make people energetic, enterprising and not disappointed in any difficult environment. I took a step forward, and Zhang Jian also took a step towards me. The two of us shook hands knowingly. I even felt the pain on my shoulder eased a lot. Zhang Jian said, "We should try to contact Teng Qingquan and Rob. I believe there must be a direct connection between here and the air platform." I nodded,rapid sand filters, and Jefferson was furious. Of course he was going back to the air platform. We had to be one step ahead of him and tell his perversion to Teng Qingquan and Rob. I came to the computer, next to what looked like a wireless telephone, looked at it for a while, picked up a receiver, and suddenly a piece of aluminum slid aside, revealing a TV screen. The fluorescent screen began to pulsate with bright spots,disc air diffuser, and in less than half a minute, I saw a room on the aerial platform, where Teng Qingquan was looking through the information, while Rob was pacing back and forth. I shouted at the cylinder, "Dr. Fujii, Dr. Fujii!" As soon as I called out, Dr. Teng and Rob were in front of a machine like the instrument I was using now, and I heard their voices at the same time. I know they saw us, too. Rob's voice, with a strong southern accent, came over. "Wesley, are you in that ice cave now?" I immediately said, fine bubble diffuser ,rotary vacuum disc filters, "Rob, Dr. Teng, listen to me. Jefferson has come back. He has become a madman." Rob's voice was full of doubt. "Madman?"? What does this mean? "It's hard for me to explain it to you," I said quickly, "but he must be-" I just said this, and then I froze. Because I saw that Jeff was livid and had broken in! Dr. Teng and Rob turned steeply. There was another pistol in Jefferson's hand, and he pulled the bolt almost without stopping. I don't know how far apart the ice cave where Zhang Jian and I are and the air platform where Jefferson and his family are, but I can hear the whistling of bullets clearly because the TV has to transmit equipment directly to each other. Rob was shot in the chest, and his face immediately took on a very funny look. He stood with his hand on a table beside him for about ten seconds before he slipped down. After he fell to the ground, he still had that funny look on his face, as if it had happened because of something that could never happen, and it was a little unexpected and dangerous. Rob, of course, died immediately. He was shot in the heart, and I wished him a painless death. Teng Qingquan stood up and pointed at Jeffson, his hand trembling. Jefferson took a step forward. "Dr. Teng, I still need you. We can work together." Teng Qingquan still pointed his hand at Jefferson. He did not open his mouth, but the expression on his face made him not have to open his mouth at all. Others knew what he was trying to say. Jefferson shouted, "Dr. Teng, do you want to refuse me?"? I could make you the emperor of Japan. You are so uninteresting! Teng Qingquan pointed to Jeffson's hand and dropped it. "I see. You have found a way to strengthen the pressure and make the lava erupt in the designated place, haven't you?" Jefferson walked over and put his hands on Teng Qingquan's shoulders. Compared with Jefferson's tall body, Teng Qingquan is even more shriveled and thin, but the firm and lofty expression on Teng Qingquan's face, compared with the oily and desirous expression on Jefferson's face, makes people feel that Teng Qinquan is much greater than Jefferson. "Yes," said Jefferson, "I have found that way, Dr. Teng. Do you see how much wealth and power it will bring us?" Teng Qingquan said coldly, "Maybe I'm old. I can't see it." Jefferson stepped back. I couldn't go to that place to save Teng Qingquan, because everything was vivid in my mind, but in fact, we were very far apart. I had to shout, "Jefferson, if you want to kill Dr. Fujii, I will destroy this computer." Jefferson turned his head. He must have been grinning grimly at the television camera because I could see every muscle throbbing in his face. "You won't, and you won't dare," he said. "If you destroy that computer,Dissolved Gas Flotation, the earth will be finished in a hundred years." "What am I afraid of?" I sneered? The earth may be destroyed in a hundred years, but it may also be saved by the efforts of the earth's own scientists in the last year. Jeffery's complexion became as blue as iron: "If you dare to touch that computer, I will kill the old dog with the handle of a gun immediately!" Jefferson is obviously so crazy that he calls such a first-class scientist and respectable scholar as Teng Qingquan an "old dog". 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