Ten Moments of Spring

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Jiang Xichi stopped. The voice could not have been clearer. Jiang Xichi raised his head.

Zhang Zhijing in the school of people due, Jiang Xichi looked around, but did not find the figure of Nie Xuesong. During Jiang Xichi's internship in the laboratory, a senior student named Ouyang Rui was mainly responsible for guiding and assigning work. This dinner, Ouyang Rui also happened to sit beside, Jiang Xichi then threw out his own question. Ouyang Rui, however, gave a sniff. "You are proud of your favor." Jiang Xichi's eyelids jumped for no reason. Take a look at Ouyang Rui, always kind face is hiding a clear dislike. He could not go deeper to inquire, but said, "I heard that Sister Nie is ill." "Sick every other day, who knows what disease-not to mention this, Xichi, Teacher Zhang also called you today, how, has decided to vote for Teacher Zhang?" Jiang Xichi did not give any affirmative answer, only said thanks to Zhang Zhijing's love and so on. After the dinner, Jiang Xichi contacted Nie Xuesong once. The reply was Nie Xuesong's mother, who said that she was recuperating recently and was inconvenient to contact the outside world. Thank Jiang Xichi for his concern. Zhang Zhijing's hatred of iron does not become steel, and Ouyang Rui's "spoiled and arrogant" is really two sets of different evaluations, which makes Jiang Xichi have to care about. After asking around, they all said that Nie Xuesong was Zhang Zhijing's favorite student, and Zhang Zhijing took a special fancy to him. But she herself is somewhat "unable to help a fool",stainless steel welded pipe, has already studied three, but has not published a journal, has not led an experiment independently, so that Zhang Zhijing is extremely disappointed. This explanation is logically self-consistent, but.. Jiang Xichi always frequently remembered that day, Nie Xuesong blurted out "Don't go". I care about it, but I can't get in touch with Nie Xuesong. There are many courses in my sophomore year. Jiang Xichi is too busy to take care of himself, so he shelved the matter for the time being. In November,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, Nie Xuesong did not come to the second graduate school to do the graduation thesis opening and the third graduate school to do the mid-term report of the thesis. Heard that, according to this situation, Nie Xuesong is afraid to completely postpone graduation. In December, Jiang Xichi and Fang Ying prepare for the CET-4. Both of them are not weak in English, but they don't spend extra time on this matter. At the end of the CET-4, Fang Ying was invited to go shopping by Min Jiasheng and Gu Yuluo. Fang Ying herself is not interested in shopping, but she has to do her duty. I went to the shopping mall in the city center for a whole afternoon and watched movies together in the evening. On the return subway, Fang Ying sent a message to Jiang Xichi, hearing that he was still in the laboratory, leaving Min Jiasheng and Gu Yuluo to get off the subway at a University. Min Jiasheng and Gu Yuluo gave her a supercilious look. Fang Ying grinned and said, "I'll spoil you next time!" The city is near the sea, and the temperature in winter is higher than that in Mexico, but it is wet and cold, and the air always has a sticky and heavy feeling. Fang Ying waited for a moment at the gate of the A Academy of Physics. Jiang Xichi came down. The experimental equipment was still confiscated. He was afraid that Fang Ying would wait for a long time, so he came down first. Jiang Xichi tucked the scarf she was wearing tightly. "Is it cold?" Fang Ying shook his head and handed over the paper bag in his hand, "I bought you a sweater." Jiang Xichi looked down and saw nothing but this bag. "Didn't you go shopping with them?" "Yes, brushed stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, I bought you a dress." “…… How about yourself "I'm not short of it." “……” At ten o'clock in the college, only a few windows were still lit up. Jiang Xichi glanced up, grabbed Fang Ying's arm, hid in the shadow, circled her in his arms, and bowed his head to kiss her. As soon as he came out of the room, he was so warm that he didn't want to let go. Jiang Xichi: "Don't just think about me in the future." "Good narcissism," Fang Ying chuckled, "I really don't lack anything." However, in fact, when she went shopping today, she really didn't think about herself-she was too lazy to dress up. In winter, she wore several different colors of horn button coats, relying on thin and tall, and had a neat temperament, so there was no compromise dress, nor did she look ugly. So very not easy to go to the city center once, net want to drill to the men's department, Min Jiasheng and Gu Yuluo despised all the way. After holding her for a while, Jiang Xichi let go and touched her cheek. "I'll go up and pack up the equipment. We'll walk back later and go to Ximen to buy sugar-fried chestnuts." Fang Ying nodded hurriedly, "good, good.". ” Jiang Xichi smiled, "wait a minute." The experimental data have been recorded, and things are packed up quickly. Ten minutes later, Jiang Xichi reset all the equipment and equipment, filled in the registration form, locked the door and returned the key. The whole fifth floor was quiet, with lights on in the corridor, extending from east to west, and it was particularly quiet. Jiang Xichi turns right and goes to the west end to take the elevator. At that moment, he heard a faint, shrill cry. Suddenly feel creepy, can not help but step down. Quiet. He suspected that it was his own delusion, and when he was about to take a step, the cry began again. It's coming from the end of the corridor. Jiang Xichi hesitated for a moment and walked slowly to the other end of the corridor. The closer I got, the clearer the cry became-muffled and torn, coming from my throat. Jiang Xichi stopped. The voice could not have been clearer. Jiang Xichi raised his head. The nameplate reads "Vice President's Office." Chapter 57 Visits [Second Watch]. Jiang Xichi hardly hesitated and knocked directly on the door. There was a lot of crying inside. Half an hour later, the door opened. Zhang Zhijing looked at him, but was stunned, "Jiang Xichi?"? Are you still in the hospital so late? Jiang Xichi answered, "stare at the results of the experiment," but his eyes glanced inside for the first time. On the small sofa against the wall, a girl was hysterical, hiding her face and crying. Zhang Zhijing sighed, "Nie Xuesong.". She came over and asked me if I could not postpone it, and I said that in her case, I'm afraid I can't catch up this year. The mood broke down, and it was probably depression. Do you know her family? Make a phone call and ask her family to pick it up. Jiang Xichi glanced at Zhang Zhijing, then at Nie Xuesong, and finally nodded. Nie Xuesong did not listen to anyone, Jiang Xichi asked for a long time,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, did not hear the response, then directly dragged her up from the sofa, helped out of the office. sxthsteel.com