In the name of coming from far away

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“……???” With a head full of question marks, I was kicked into the transport array in the frightening speculation

“……???” With a head full of question marks, I was kicked into the transport array in the frightening speculation that I had met a schizophrenic. A flash of gold flashed by, and the scenery in front of me immediately changed by 720 degrees. Wooden shacks and mud houses have become tall buildings, carriages and oxcarts have become Mercedes-Benz BMW, whiteboard suits have become suits, skirts and jeans suspenders, my God, this is not a game, this is simply the original location of the 21st century ~! Stunned stare big eyes, I was clearly through the 21st century, but also like Granny Liu into the Grand View Garden as dumbfounded, no way, if the game appears in the ancient scenery or Western fantasy scenery is fine, I never thought the main city would be like this, so, in the end I am out, or the mastermind was struck by thunder ah? OTZ……!! "Get out of the way, dead Buck! Get out of the way!" A little feminine male voice suddenly sounded from behind, I was slightly stupefied, before I could react, I was pushed hard by the other side, I staggered a few steps before I could barely stand firm, inexplicably turned around, and saw a man in a flowery shirt hanging upside down with triangular eyes looking at me disdainfully, "Newcomer?"? Tut-tut ~,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, this will not be scared silly by the scene, a look at you is a buck who has never seen the world, how about it, do you want me to take you, see you look more lovely, I can be reluctant to do it. “……!” Humans don't have to care about mad dog's clamor, but his "Buck Man" sounds harsh to me. It's a new age adjective, which is equivalent to our "country bumpkin", "stupid pig" and other curses, saying that I'm just standing and looking at the scenery. What's the matter with you? Blink your eyes,push button toilet flush valve, I decided to calmly ignore him, at least we are old enough to be his great-great-grandmother, why should we have the same experience as our grandson! Slowly patting the dust that did not exist on my clothes, I turned around and prepared to leave. I didn't know which transport array was waiting for me. There seemed to be five transport arrays in the main city, and they were all randomly transmitted to any one of them. I only had ten levels now, and it took at least fifteen levels to open the contact device and communication function. That is to say, the vegetable head could send me messages and emails. I can only take it back (= =!) 。“ Dead girl, you stop! The man with triangular eyes gave a vicious roar, probably thinking that our disregard was an insult. He pulled out a staff and made a few movements. A fireball the size of a basketball immediately flew towards me. I raised my eyebrows slightly, lifted my feet and calmly moved sideways. It was easy to avoid the seemingly dangerous killing. Although I am a newcomer, but can not carry the equipment Niubi ah, that additional attributes are hard enough to resist the pursuit of more than 30 strange, not to mention only a small fireball, this man's level is higher than me, but first, the enemy chose the most common spell, and second, Stainless Steel Shower Tray ,Flushometer valve, the mage's attack is high, physical defense is low, agility is low, that speed is.. Okay, guys, you got it? I shrugged my shoulders with the sanctity of "I don't care about children" (?!) Tolerance (?!) As a result, a man immediately went crazy, "Grass ~, you X people, I absolutely want to swing you back to the novice village." Said his body immediately attached a layer of red invisible armor, I was slightly stunned, but I know, before the break in the forum to see, is a special skill after the mage level 40 upgrade, can increase all attributes by 40%, lasting 10 minutes, cooling for an hour. That is to say, this man is at least above level 40. Suddenly, the fire dragon of the other side had already flown to my eyes. I blinked my eyes and estimated that it was too late to hide, so I had to resist. I hope this advanced novice outfit can carry it down, at least leave me some blood skin and not be seconds. Thinking like this, I was very serious about the fire dragon, which was N times bigger than the basketball. However, the expected damage did not appear. A water dragon suddenly jumped out of the slanting thorn, which was twice as big as the fire dragon. It was just a cover that swallowed up the attribute of restriction. I was wiped by the water and wet my cuff, nothing happened! Passing around the soy sauce party immediately in an uproar, a girl squeezed through the crowd and came in, frowning good-looking, looking at the man with a slight disgust, "Night party, you are bullying the new people here again, right?!" "~" Flower shirt night party cold hum, very owe smoke rolled his eyes, "who are you, ah, really ***ing wide, I love what is my business, which turn you talkative, hurry to get out of here, otherwise, don't blame us for being rude to you?" "Hum ~" The girl snorted, rolled her eyes gracefully, and raised the corners of her mouth with a half-smile, "Yo ~, you are the top ten in the world. Just in time, I heard that your gang leader and elder are also in the main city. Why don't you ask him to uphold justice? What do you think?" She said the last question to me. From the moment she appeared, I felt that the woman's profile looked very familiar, but I didn't recognize her for a while. It was not until she turned her face that I suddenly realized that this was the little girl of Lulu. Although her appearance had been lowered by a few percentage points, the overall feeling had not changed. No wonder I didn't recognize her for a while!!! She was waiting for my answer, but now she suddenly raised her eyebrows and looked at me strangely, "We know each other?" I am stupefied, why does Mao ask so? Maybe our performance at the moment is too dull, anyway, the little girl did not pursue too much, but after not getting the answer, she shrugged her shoulders and looked at the flower shirt provocatively,Flush Retrofit Kit, "How about it?"? Do you dare to find your Sect Leader and Elder? "~! Don't *** with me. Our Sect Leader and Elder are too busy to fool around with a boring woman like you. You should do what you should do. I have something to do with this little loli." That's what he said, but his expression was a little fierce. Lulu snorted disdainfully and suddenly turned to a hotel next to him and shouted, "Where is the distance? You helped someone bully others. Do you care?" 。