President's husband catches up with the door

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It is a rich woman who suddenly appeared in a city recently. She is young but worth over 100 million yuan.

"When I was young, I liked to surround trees one by one. At that time, I felt that life was so long." Su Xi pointed to the invisible distance and said. When I was young, I was always in the car and could only peep at the colors outside. Fu Yueze showed a bitter smile, he is a person without childhood. A long time ago, he thought about why it was important to be an excellent person? However, the reality did not give him a second choice. He can only choose his own destiny. I hear your Fu family is very strict in family education. Su Xi remembered that Su Haochuan had occasionally mentioned that almost all the people in a city knew that the Fu family was a serious place. Is it? "Fu Yueze looked up slightly, some memories broke into his mind, hate this feeling, childhood curses through time and space into his ears." Are we old? "Su Xi saw Fu Yueze's dim eyes and immediately changed the subject." Old Fu Yueze looked up at Su Xi, he almost forgot that he was nearly 40, and Su Xi is still young, sometimes feel that Su Xi is too beautiful, beautiful he is not enough to match. I have long passed the age of early old age, and now I am moving towards real old age. Fu Yueze said with a smile that he used to feel that he had plenty of time, but now half his life has passed, and it turns out that he is really slowly aging. You look at yourself, you feel your skin, there is no old man like you,stainless steel tile trim, you are still young. Su Xi teased Fu Yueze, it seems that the topic she said today is very heavy, let Fu Yueze think of some not very good things. Think of Fu Yueze is also a sensitive guy, should not mention these things in front of him, this guy always buried some feelings deep in his heart, stubborn like a child who can not grow up. Not much time to continue to press the road, Fu Yueze pulled Su Xi,stainless tile trim, they want to meet with Luo Hen. There are a lot of things on the phone is not convenient to say, need to face to face with Luo Hen said clearly. Earlier, Luo Hen reminded them that a city is not safer than Zurich, so the memory of the past can be temporarily ended. Serious things are more important now, and there are still many things waiting for them to do. Luo Hen lives in the hidden suburbs, Su Xi and Fu Yueze is simply over the mountains to find his door, looking at the ancient wooden door, Su Xi and Fu Yueze looked at each other. Unexpectedly, in a city, a modern and rapidly developing city, there is such a simple and unsophisticated building, Fu Yueze stepped forward and knocked on the door. The door creaked open, and Luo Hen poked his head out, tile profile factory ,metal trim manufacturers, looking a little funny in his alert manner. There you are. Luo Hen frowned, giving people a sense of gloom. Come in! "Luo Hen gets out of the way and lets them in.". The room is dark, Su Xi is not used to such an environment, especially during this period, she sleeps with the lights on, she is not used to walking behind Fu Yueze. I'm sorry, I need this kind of environment to think calmly. Luo Hen seemed to notice this, and he hurried to find the switch. Open the curtains. Behind Fu Yueze, Su Xi was inconvenient to move, so he suggested Luo Hen. Luo Hen's hand stopped on the switch of the chandelier, he thought about it or turned on the switch, and all of a sudden the room lit up. I don't like the glare of the sun. Luo Hen explained. Only then did Su Xi have a chance to look at Luo Hen carefully. He had not shaved his beard and looked very decadent. Fu Yueze is also a little strange, these days Luo Hen in the end what to do, feel to make their own very bad. Looking at the mess of instant noodles bucket on the table, Su Xi wrinkled his nose, no wonder he felt a smell of instant noodles in the room, so it was like this! "Is this your refuge?" Fu Yueze asked with a tease. Luo Hen is still the appearance of facial paralysis, he slightly looked up at them, "in order not to be discovered by them my existence, had to try to reduce their traces in this city." "So exaggerated." Susie said in disbelief. I'm a professional. Luo Hen blinked and his eyes were relaxed. I've never found you on a mission like this before. Fu Yueze did not forget to tease Luo Hen and always felt that something was wrong with Luo Hen this time. Because this time I met a strong opponent, I didn't think that the woman had an anti-reconnaissance team around her. Luo said helplessly that the discovery was really unexpected. Anti-reconnaissance team? "Suxi looked puzzled and could not understand the meaning of Luo Hen's words.". "As the name suggests, the team will come in handy for anyone who follows and spies on the woman.". I've been tracking and investigating others all the time, but this time I was tracked back. Fortunately, I found it early. Luo Hen felt uncomfortable at the thought of this, and it was the first time he had been so frustrated. It sounds very powerful. This aroused Su Xi's interest, and it was the first time he had heard of someone raising such a team around him. Yes! This woman is definitely not simple. He has a strong international background. Luo Hen said more and more uncomfortable, always feel that this woman is not easy to deal with, the thought of that woman's eyes, Luo Hen has a kind of inexplicable panic. Which woman? "Fu Yueze noticed the panic of Luo Hen's fundus, unexpectedly can call Luo Hen panic, that will be what kind of a woman." It is a rich woman who suddenly appeared in a city recently. She is young but worth over 100 million yuan. Her identity is mysterious and exquisite on all sides. Luo Hen doesn't like that woman, very much, and has a bad feeling. Oh, a city is really lively. Fu Yueze said meaningfully that time is becoming more and more complicated, and it seems that this time it is unavoidable. Did you find out her identity? "Suxi asked. It's impossible that Luo Hen hasn't found out the woman's family background for so long."! "No, I said she had a counter-reconnaissance team around her, and her information was blank, so I had no way to find out." Luo Hen was completely defeated this time and did not know where to break through. If you haven't found out anything for so long, why don't you go back to Zurich? Fu Yueze also remembered that Luo Hen did not return to Zurich. At that time, they all regarded Luo Hen as a life-saving straw. As a result, they waited and waited for him. As I said, Zurich was safe at that time,aluminium edge trim, I had no need to go back, and I couldn't leave because I had something urgent at hand. Luo Hen did not like to explain to people, but this time he patiently explained to Fu Yueze.