The world of good and evil

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Although Makino Jingfeng knew that there must be a lot of people guarding the top of the cliff

Then someone shouted in a loud voice, "Take back Mount Qingcheng and meet your predecessors!" This person's words are quite rigorous, knowing that the predecessors of Wulin can not "rescue", but can only "meet"! All spirits, shout in unison, all courageously for the first, the underground villa people also have no desire to continue to fight, stalemate for a moment, then retreat, defeat, once began to retreat, I'm afraid it will be difficult to clean up the situation. Nearly half of the ten sects have been killed or wounded, and they naturally hate the people in the underground villa. Seeing the people of the other side begin to retreat, how can they miss the opportunity to avenge for the same school? The people who retreat a little slowly become dead souls in a twinkling of an eye. As soon as Muye Jingfeng saw it, he knew that the war situation had fallen to one side of the ten sects. He was relieved and thought that the people in the valley might be attacked by the people on the top of the cliff. At that moment, he dared not neglect at all. He identified the direction and swept away. Just swept a few feet away, into the jungle, suddenly heard the sound of the blade breaking through the air, straight to his face, Muye Jingfeng did not stop at all, "breaking the sun sword" suddenly raised, just to meet a sharp arrow. With a crisp sound, the arrow was cut in half, and the two halves of the arrow flew out from both sides of the sword. Before Muye Jingfeng had the slightest chance to breathe,heavy duty rack manufacturers, he heard a loud noise, dust and gravel flying around, and eight figures rising from the ground below, like ghosts. Without a sound, eight pikes burst out, like eight frightened snakes, and the sound of breaking through the air shocked the soul. Muye Jingfeng has a clear roar, the body is like a dragon, dodging like lightning,mobile racking systems, but the shadow of the sword is like a dream, running like the wind in the forest. After a burst of noise, the tips of the eight pikes were all cut off by the "Sun-Breaking Sword". The sharp edge of the sword returned quickly, and the eight spear tips that had been cut off were already lined up on the "Sun-Breaking Sword", which was cold and dazzling. Eight people turned pale together. Looking at each other, they immediately started at the same time, eight guns slanted straight into the ground, and then struggled to press. The force of a plug is no small matter, and then a pressure, immediately there are several Zhangs of sand was stirred up, eight people at the same time, immediately as if suddenly under a rain of sand, overwhelming to Muye Jingfeng roll away. At the same time, their knees a bend, people have been sliding into the ground, eight guns instantly interlaced into a net of sticks, to be born to wring the legs of Makino Jingfeng! Makino Jingfeng's line of sight has been blocked by the sand and dust all over the sky, drive in racking system ,industrial racking systems, unable to see anything. But by ear, he quickly identified the direction of each shot! The pace flashed and moved, and in a twinkling of an eye all the guns were empty, but in any case he did not expect that the eight people on the other side would cooperate with each other so tacitly. As soon as the gun moves were old, he did not withdraw, but took advantage of the situation to send it, and just hit the person standing on the opposite side. And then suddenly turn around. Such techniques are beyond the expectation of outsiders, and their skillful coordination is amazing! Such a staggered, in a very short moment, eight people attack has been transformed into defensive, and defensive has become offensive, azimuth angle also has a complex change. Muye Jingfeng gave a sneer, and the sword body trembled. The tips of the eight spears broke through the air and went straight to the throat of the four men. His speed is unparalleled, and if his opponent takes his life as usual, he will also take his own life. The eight men raised their guns at the same time and slanted up to block. The eight sounds of gold and iron were heard almost at the same time, and the tips of the eight spears were fended off. Then came the sound of a succession of "gurgling" bodies falling to the ground, and seven gunmen fell. It was the tip of the gun that was fended off by their companions that killed them, as if it was a long-rehearsed scene between them, and everything was so crisp that they could not believe that they would die under the tip of the gun of their companions until the moment they died. Makino Jingfeng's hidden weapon technique is the best in the world, so when he shoots eight tips, he forces the other side to move the gun. What's more terrible is that he pinches the strength and angle so that the other side can block it, and then he must block the tip of the gun into his companion's body. Seven people fell from the point of the gun. The only man standing looked at Makino Shizumi with a look of extreme amazement, and there was no trace of blood on his face. Makino Jingfeng takes a step forward, just taking a step. But the man's face turned from white to blue, his knees went limp, he fell to his knees, and then he slowly fell forward. He was so frightened that his heart broke and he died. With a sigh, Makino Jingfeng accidentally looked up and found that the sunlight had gradually contracted. His heart suddenly sank: the night was coming again, and he had a deep hatred and fear for the night. Once he enters the night, his heart will return to darkness and evil. Miner must be rescued before dark, which is also to save himself, because without the help of Miner, Shuihongxiu, Si Rushui, painstaking master and others, he can not restrain his own behavior. At this time, the sound of fighting behind him is also gradually approaching this side, which shows that the attack of the disciples of the ten schools is quite fierce. Although Makino Jingfeng knew that there must be a lot of people guarding the top of the cliff, it was dangerous for him to go deep alone, but at the same time he felt that he could not wait any longer, and he could not be sure that the people in the valley were still alive, so he had no peace for a moment, because there were his father in the valley, people who were kind to him, and Miner and Shui Hongxiu. There was a sound of clothes sweeping through the air, and a Bush five feet away in front of him suddenly parted, and a tall and burly figure flashed. The man was dressed in red, but he was an old man in his sixties. His face was also red, as if he had drunk too much wine. What was more peculiar was the long beard on his lower lip, which was also red, fluttering in the wind like a leaping flame. Makino Jingfeng secretly wondered how there could be such a strange character in the world, as if he had just been thrown into a big red dye vat and fished out, all over his body was not red. The man's eyes first fell on the man lying on the ground, and suddenly his eyes were red. When he moved his eyes to Makino Jingfeng,shuttle rack system, Makino Jingfeng felt the other's eyes burning, as if he could burn two holes in his clothes! "Does this man have a particularly hot temper?" Quietly asked Makino Jingfeng? Seeing the fierce light in each other's eyes, he knew that there must be another fierce battle.