Blood baby Xiu Shen

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Night, and a little more desolate. What's wrong? What the hell is going on? ? Yang Hua shouted loudly in his heart. .

Night, and a little more desolate. What's wrong? What the hell is going on? ? Yang Hua shouted loudly in his heart. . Suddenly, the dimensional ring on Yang Hua's hand lit up spontaneously, and a white shadow flashed out and fell on his shoulder. "Little master, this beauty has deep affection for you." Bi Fang joked. "Don't bother me," said Yang Hua angrily. "It's time to put on airs again." Bi Fang said, "Do you want to know why the beauty left in such a hurry?" "Why?" "Well, you are my master, I will help you again, I feel the dark spirit, if I guess right, there is a demon master in this world." "What kind of master?" "If the magic handsome is a three-year-old child, then the emergence of this master is 20-year-old boy." "What are you waiting for?" Yang Hua exclaimed. "Let's hurry and go to the realm of cultivation to help." Bi Fang took his time and said, "What's the hurry? We agreed in advance that Lao Huo and I can't do anything at that time. You are the only one. We can't interfere too much in some things in this world. The cycle of heaven, there must be a cause and effect. Lao Huo and I have a special status. If we interfere too much, it may bring more disasters to this world." Chapter 23 Leng Yan Beauty Since the Linhai University incident, the Shaking Drum has been sounded again. Different from the usual,Coil Nail Making Machine, this time the shaking drum actually rang 36 times. This is definitely the first time in the realm of cultivation. Almost at the same time, all Xiuzhen put down their affairs and rushed to the Kunlun Fengshen Platform at the fastest speed. It turned out that the Demon Domain, which had been sealed jointly by the masters of Buddhism and Taoism nine hundred years ago, was abnormal, and a large amount of dark demon gas came out of it. The ban is about to be broken. Obviously, this crisis is far greater than the last time at Linhai University. Taoist Xuanxuan even invited several martial uncles who had never been born in the back mountain out of the mountain. The rest of the factions also invited the hermit predecessors of the faction. Because this battle is about the survival of the realm of cultivation. Xuanxuan Taoist finally breathed a sigh of relief after seeing ten glittering and translucent pagodas floating at the entrance of the Demon Domain Cave,wire nail machine manufacturers, hoping that the Ten Directions Tianluo Array handed down from ancient times could seal the Demon Domain. The Shifang Tianluo Array is a secret method of sealing demons from ancient times. It is composed of ten towers of destroying demons with the same spirit and branches, supplemented by one thousand prohibitions of sealing demons. It is said that after launching, even the gods and Buddhas can hardly resist its power. Suddenly, the following magic domain began the first round of the outbreak. The fierce black demon gas erupts strongly from the mouth of the demon cave and goes straight to the sky, which is mixed with intense stench. As soon as Xuanxuan Taoist's face changed, he motioned to the nine masters in the air to pinch the law together and start the ban of the Ten Tianluo Array. Ten different colors of the law formula accurately penetrated into the ten crystal towers. After the crystal tower suspended in the air absorbed the law formula, it expanded rapidly and covered the mouth of the Demon Cave in an instant. At the same time, it emitted ten white light curtains, which trapped the fierce black magic gas tightly. There were ripples in the faint visible light curtain, which was the result of the collision of black magic gas and white light. Xuanxuan Taoist nervously observed the changes in the Demon Domain, constantly reminding the rest of the nine masters, continue to pinch the formula, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,iron nail machine, and gradually maximize the power of the Ten Directions Tianluo Array. Unexpectedly, the dark spirit of the Demon Domain did not weaken at all, but became more and more intense, and gradually the top ten masters felt the pressure. A round of more and more fierce black magic gas mixed with the stench rose into the sky. Crazy impact on the forbidden boundary of the ten Tianluo array. The dark spirit was trapped by the white light curtain of the crystal tower for the time being, but the strange smell came up, and some of the disciples on the periphery could not stand the smell, so they retreated one after another. Xuanxuan Taoist's face changed dramatically. He separated his divine consciousness and informed the elders of the sect to lead the disciples to retreat. Don't let the stench contaminate your mind. In the sky above the Demon Domain, ten huge pagodas, under the guidance of the formula, are constantly changing their formations, and their colors are gradually changing from transparent to silvery white. Seen from a distance, they are holy and dignified. "Brother Xuanxuandao, I think it's necessary to use the Demon Star Rain. This dark demon gas is not something that should exist in this world at all. The general attack has no effect on him at all." Emperor Wuji of Tianluomen suggested. Xuanxuan Taoist nodded and did not speak. Unless he had to, he really did not want to use the magic star rain, the power of that move is too great, and when launched the need for Zhenyuan force is also extremely large, with the ten masters now for the repair can barely hold for ten minutes, ten minutes later if the magic domain has not been sealed, they can only wait for death, because at that time their body's Zhenyuan force has been consumed almost. You can't recover without half a year's hidden training. At that moment, there was an aura in the air. The next moment, an ordinary man with a beautiful lark appeared in the sky above the Demon Land. Ethereal fairy heart can not help but give birth to a warm current. The cultivation of the golden elixir period? Isn't this Yang Hua who mysteriously disappeared at Linhai University that day? Xuanxuan Taoist was so impressed with him that he recognized him at a glance. It was strange that he had not seen him for several months, but he had also cultivated himself, and when he reached the golden elixir period, it was strange that the power in his body was not the true power of Taoism, nor the power of Buddhism. But only a few months to repair to the golden elixir period, looking at the whole Xiuzhen world also belongs to the category of genius, unfortunately, he came at a bad time. Suddenly, Xuanxuan felt a wave of aura in the air again. After the flash of light, a faint figure appeared. Beauty. The beauty is wearing a pink gauze skirt, beautiful and noble, black and bright hair, casually scattered behind her, fluttering with the wind, white and shiny skin full of youthful vitality, full of double peaks trembling, seems to declare its sexy to people. Those big glittering eyes are not what the world should have. The black and white eyes reflect a strange awn,wire nail machine manufacturers, touching, as if they can see through everything in the world. "Day female elder sister." Yang Hua not by of light shout. Although it was a soft shout, it did not escape the woman's ears.