Phoenix Dancing in the Sky (Nvzunwen)

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Military and civilian complement each other, and the real relationship is the relationship between fish and water. We used our own strength to overcome a provocation of nature.

Military and civilian complement each other, and the real relationship is the relationship between fish and water. We used our own strength to overcome a provocation of nature. He won his own home! The current is still flowing, and everyone is cheering! A smile on the face full of sweat and mud. Victory, the place where the flood flowed with silt, that is the most fertile land, I promised the people, according to this effort and achievements, from the new fertile land use rights, to solve this major issue of the national economy and people's livelihood, thus winning wide support, but also won the victory! Grandpa Mao's tactics are still classic! Five hours later, the flood slowly disappeared some, I have been staring at, dare not have the slightest carelessness! This is my first time to use the strength of the team against nature, the heart in the end is lack of confidence, afraid that the devil of nature will be repeated! Soldiers are sent to patrol along the direction of the current,plastic bulk containers, and if there are any omissions, they can be repaired immediately. Try to handle it as fully as possible. May God help those who are helped by others. A day later, the good news came that the flood had been completely dredged, and the guard of the river downstream had not been damaged. The flood is finally over! My heart is wide. Look at the sky, the sun comes out and shines on the earth. A smile finally appeared on my face. It's finally sunny. With the cooperation and efforts of all the people, the successful diversion canal is successful! This good news came back to the capital and produced an earthquake of no less than magnitude 10! After arranging the victims,plastic pallet manufacturer, Lin Huizhi and I will leave for Beijing today! The queen herself went out of the city thirty miles to meet her! No one in the history of Yuchen Kingdom can have such an honor! In history, the female emperors went out of the city to meet the farthest ten miles! Together with Lin Huizhi, five thousand soldiers and three thousand newly recruited militia soldiers, I felt the glory of bathing in the royal family! The soldiers were deeply moved and grateful for the dignity and kindness of the emperors! All the ministers, except General Lin yuanxi, could only watch from a distance. Later, I learned that the silent attitude of the ministers in the hall that day had angered the female emperor. Originally the law does not blame the public, has always been generous female emperor, looking at the people aimed at me, an exceptional promotion of the minister of rites, became unusually angry, plastic pallet price ,plastic pallet manufacturer, all the officials present were demoted two levels. And I am now next to the seat of the Nine Dragons Hall. To be honest, if it were not for my identity, I would not be qualified to enter the scope of this Kowloon Temple! The same is true of today's officials. Lin Huizhi froze for a moment, and his expression regained its composure. Down two levels, now is not the prime minister's victory Li Fei and other officials dumbfounded. I was silly for a moment. They seem to have missed some important information. Look at each other, and unwilling, but dare not gather again to fight me, time seems to stand still, everyone holds their breath, quietly watching the development.. The female emperor gently waved her hand, the music sounded, and the huge hall had some joy! The female emperor raised her hand again, and the attendant in the hall had already handed me the reward I had prepared. The female emperor glanced at it and nodded slightly. He raised his head to inspect the ministers and said in a loud voice, "Dear ministers, the flood relief was handled by the Minister of Rites. The flood was dredged through the drainage channel, which successfully saved the people and the capital."! Commendation for all personnel involved in this operation! The facial expressions of the crowd were ever-changing and uncertain. Where is Lin Huizhi, the deputy commander of the imperial army? Cried the empress. I'm here! Lin Huizhi came out and bowed. With Lin Huizhi as the commander of the imperial army, he managed fifty thousand military forces. Lin Huizhi jumped from the deputy commander of twenty thousand imperial troops to the commander, and managed fifty thousand military forces, and the whole capital was under her control! Although the power is not as big as her mother, General Lin yuanxi, her position is very important in the capital! Both mother and daughter have been trusted and reused by the female emperor, which is also a rare example! Thank Your Majesty for your grace! Lin Huizhi's eyes are moist! Then he did not forget to look at me and returned to the original place. "Where is Lord of the Imperial Hospital?" "I am here!" Fourth Elder Martial Sister Lord is out of the line. A pair of heroic eyes are not depressed because of the hard work day and night. They are still in high spirits. It seems that the skill of the Fourth Elder Martial Sister's Medicine King Valley Internal Skill is not weak! With Lord as an academician of the Imperial Hospital, you can open the Enke to choose a pharmacist disciple! This is a big reward! Choosing pharmacists has not been carried out in Yuchen Kingdom. Through this plague, the emperors who did not attach importance to pharmacology realized the importance and urgency of medicine. Now Enke Pharmacist is also the gospel of all the pharmacists in Yuchenguo. This time, Elder Martial Sister Lord's ideal should be realized! Thank Your Majesty for your grace! The Fourth Elder Martial Sister replied gratefully! Don't forget to look at me. Baiguan's eyes are long-experienced, Lin Huizhi and Lord are both looking at me, conveying too much information to Baiguan. The eyes that looked at me were full of doubts. I smiled softly at the corners of my mouth. The rest of the people, the Satrap of the town, sergeant each have promotion and reward! I have been standing beside the throne of the Nine Dragon Hall of the Empress, smiling and silent. Minister of Rites! The female emperor looked at me with a smile. I quickly bowed and said, "I am here!" "The Minister of Rites saved many people and saved the crisis in the capital, which was a great merit!"! The handling of the flood shows Aiqing's ability and prestige in dealing with emergencies. I hereby solemnly declare! The female emperor paused for a moment, then suddenly stood up and said excitedly, "Give Hong Qi, the minister of the Ministry of Rites,ibc spill pallet, the surname of Yu and the name of Yu Qi. Give Yu Qi, the minister of the Ministry of Rites, the title of Regent of Yuchen-King Hong.". Hong Wang's "Hong" is to commemorate Aiqing's former surname and also to commemorate Aiqing's successful handling of the flood! And concurrently prime minister! Then he looked at me with flying eyes.