Cannon fodder wants to live.

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Seeing Brocade Niang, Zhang Caixuan sighed in her heart and asked her to come in. Brocade Niang is a little cramped, after entering the room to sit down, Qin Su Lin holds the child to get up, plans to avoid. Brocade Niang was so anxious that she stood up. "

Seeing Brocade Niang, Zhang Caixuan sighed in her heart and asked her to come in. Brocade Niang is a little cramped, after entering the room to sit down, Qin Su Lin holds the child to get up, plans to avoid. Brocade Niang was so anxious that she stood up. "Childe Qin, I'm here to see you today." Qin Su Lin turned around, looked at Zhang Caixuan, and sat down again. Brocade Niang did not sit down again, with a veil in her hand and a low voice. "I want to ask you and Tu Liang to send me to the town to inquire about the news. When Mai Sheng left, he didn't bring his clothes. The weather is getting colder and colder recently. I'm afraid he'll catch cold.." Qin Su Lin frowned, "but Lord Zhou said that no one in our village could leave, and it should not be possible to go to the town." Brocade Niang complexion changes, ash falls down, "I." I forgot. I really forgot that the villagers were busy cutting firewood and building houses recently, and they didn't want to go to the town at all. Almost forgot the order not to leave the village. Chang Tsai-hsuan couldn't bear to see her like this, but she still said, "Brocade Niang, it's not that we won't help you. No one has passed that road since it was robbed, and I don't know if the Yamen has sent someone to guard it. If there are really officers and soldiers guarding it, you can bump into it like this.." What about your father? Zhang Caixuan said this in case she couldn't find anyone to send her. Looking at her worried and anxious face, it was not impossible for her to run by herself. It's okay to be caught by officers and soldiers, but if you're robbed by robbers. Brocade Niang's appearance is beautiful, what will happen is really hard to say. Those people dare to kill yachai. Brocade Niang's tears fell down,hydraulic fitting supplier, "Caixuan, I'm so scared.". If something happens to Mai Sheng, how can I live? I shouldn't have let him go that day. With that, she couldn't help crying any more. She cried inconsolably, her shoulders kept shaking, and the suppressed cry made people sad. Qin Sulin had already gone out when Zhang Caixuan comforted her. Zhang Caixuan did not speak much, but silently accompanied her, and when she had cried enough,38 tube fitting, she handed her a cup of tea. Brocade Niang cried, seemed to be more relaxed, took the tea, full of apology, said: "I'm sorry, I can't control it for a while." Zhang Caixuan shook her head. "It's all right." After thinking about it, he was not at ease and said, "We can't go out now, and it's dangerous outside. You must think about it." Brocade Niang nodded, "I'm just too worried, even if Mai Sheng is wrong, he will not die, he will come back sooner or later.". I'll just wait for him at home. Zhang Caixuan agrees. The weather is getting colder and colder, the cold wind is blowing outside, the afternoon sunshine has long gone, Zhang Caixuan's barley has been planted, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,ball valve manufacturer, this time she built a house with two windows, and the windows are so big that they almost cover the whole wall of the house. Green vegetables have been planted a lot, and they know what kind of heat seeds are good for germination. By the time winter comes, the seeds have sprouted. On the last day of October, Mai Sheng returned. Mai Sheng was sent back by the officers and soldiers. He was thin and black, but he seemed to be in good spirits and had not suffered much. According to his own account, he was also muddle-headed, and he was interrogated several times. He is a clever, repeatedly interrogated him is only those words, as for the matter of running back to the village, he insisted that he was coming back to inform the villagers to alert them. A few days later, he was sent to a place where he could work. There are large areas of greenhouses, and barley is planted in them, which is growing well. After the people sighed about his trial and prison, they were immediately attracted by the fact that he planted barley in the greenhouse. But he couldn't say why, and he didn't know exactly how to plant it. His words also provided ideas for the villagers, who began to plant the seeds they had set aside. In the twinkling of an eye to winter, the cold wind outside was biting, and Zhang Caixuan stopped going out with her children. Qin Su Lin and Hu Che two people clean up those greenhouses, in fact not busy, count up not much work at all, Hu Che took the initiative to take most of it. At that time, the officers and soldiers who sent Zhang Maisheng back also told the village head that the ban on Qingshan Village was lifted. Even if it is lifted, no one wants to go around the town. I was really frightened by the situation described by Mai Sheng. If someone really dared to kill Yamen, wouldn't they have no burden to kill these ordinary people. Anyway, Zhang Caixuan did not intend to let Qin Sulin go. They have meat and vegetables, dozens of cans of salt, cloth and fur, there is no need to take this risk. Anyway, it's OK to grow barley honestly. If it can be grown, it's OK not to go out in the future. The weather is cold, the work in the field can not be done, except for a few people continue to go up the mountain to cut firewood, many women are idle down. Tigress Niang is one of them. She is now very familiar with Zhang Caixuan. This day she came to the door again and brought Tigress with her. Qin Su Lin has taken the scorching sun to the back of the greenhouse, running twice a day. In fact, the small quilt is not too cold, the most important thing is that the scorching sun likes to be outside, and the greenhouse side is indeed warmer than outside. Tigress carried the basket and handed it over. "Caixuan, I steamed rice cakes in the morning and brought some for you to taste." Chang Tsai-hsuan answered with a smile. She looked at the shy Tigress and said with a smile, "It's rare for Tigress to come here." Tigress blushed and lowered her head. "My sister is joking." Tigress Niang also said directly, "Caixuan, I brought her here today to learn from you.". She's getting older and older, and I want her to learn embroidery from you. Zhang Caixuan laughed, "I really dare not teach that trick." Tigress didn't think so. "All the girls in the village can only sew and mend, and the patterns are simple. I don't care what she wants to learn. I just want her to find something to do and sharpen her temper." She sighed again, "It turns out that things are busy at home. I feed pigs and chickens every day. I can't help it. Now it's just right. It's so cold outside. It's good to learn to embroider.". Besides, she was old enough to be looking for a marriage, and it was not good for her to wander outside any more. Cover some white, or say kiss. The more you say, the more unreasonable it is. When she said these words, Tigress blushed with shame and stood up hurriedly. "Mother,pipe fittings manufacturer, if you say it again, I'll go." Tigress waved her hand. "You go back first. I'll come later. If your sister Caixuan agrees, we'll come together tomorrow." 。